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Wood hammer mill is an advanced shredding machine for processing wood chips, coconut shells, wood trimmings, etc. The maximum output is 5 tons per hour. Normally, the hammer mill is commonly used in production lines to further crush the material after processing by drum chipper or integrated crusher.

This hammer mill has high efficiency, a simple structure, stable work, low energy consumption, and low processing cost. It can also be used to chip straw, straw, cardboard, charcoal, charcoal briquettes, and other materials.

working site of wood hammer mill machine

Brief introduction to the wood hammer mill

There are various models of wood hammer mills according to different outputs. The hammer chip crushers all come with cyclones. Cyclones can collect the dust and debris produced during the working process. And they can also reduce dust pollution in the production environment. The power of the machine is generally an electric motor and diesel engine. It can meet all customers’ requirements for power.

The wood hammer mill is different from the wood grinder. And they are also different in terms of the materials handled and the internal structure. And when using this equipment, the noise is low, simple to operate, and easy to maintain.

Application range of wood shaving grinder

Applicable plants

This series of equipment is suitable for mobile operation. It is widely used in the preparation section of small and medium-sized particle board and fiberboard production enterprises. It can also be used for individual households for the production of commercial wood chips.

Applicable raw materials and finished products

The hammer chip crusher is mainly used for processing pine wood, miscellaneous wood, yang wood, fir wood, raw bamboo, and other materials. The machine is more suitable for wood chip machine processing in an edible fungus culture base. The shredder can also be used for the production of particle board, sawdust board high-density board raw materials.

The finished product of the wood shaving grinder
the finished product of the wood-shaving grinder

Working principle of hammer mill wood crusher

The hammer mill wood crusher mill mainly relies on the impact effect to crush the material. The material enters the machine and is crushed by the impact of the high-speed rotating hammer head. At the same time the crushed materials, impact each other.

After repeated crushing, the material is smaller than the screen hole, from the gap to discharge. The larger material will be pounded again until it is smaller than the mesh of the screen. Finally, the product with the required particle size is obtained.

wood hammer mill crushing machine

Structure of the hammer wood crusher

The hammer wood crusher mainly consists of a frame, housing, bearing table, fixed knife table, screen, screen frame, etc. The whole machine has a compact structure. The whole machine has a compact structure, with an enlarged powder discharge area, a good crushing effect, and easy replacement of the sieve.

Hammer wood crusher‘s structure
hammer wood crusher‘s structure

Technical parameters of hammer mill crusher

Dust remover(pcs)55551414
Cyclone diameter(M)111111
Capacity (T/h)0.8-11-1.51.5-22-33-44-5
hammer mill crusher’s parameter

Difference between hammer chip crusher and wood crusher

  1. The appearance of the two machines is slightly different. The hammer chip crusher has protruding screws on top of the shell of the crushing part of the machine, while the entire shell of the wood crusher is smooth.
  2. The screens of the machines are different. The screen of the hammer mill is a half-ring. The screen of the wood crusher is a full circle.
  3. The material is different. The material handled by the hammer mill is roughly processed wood, coconut shells, straw, cardboard, etc. The wood crusher generally deals with all kinds of wood, boards, used furniture, etc.
  4. The internal structure of the machine is different. Hammer blade shredder internal mainly hammer blade, wood shredder internal mainly knife plate, blade, and hammer blade.

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Successful case

Our customer is from Colombia. This customer sent us an inquiry by watching our YouTube video. Through communication, we learned that the main business of their factory is to transform various kinds of wood. Recently, they needed a shredder to process various kinds of waste wood. Our sales manager recommended the SL-WC700 model hammer mill after determining the output required by the customer. The customer was satisfied with the machine and finally decided to place an order for one.