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The wood shavings making machine is a widely used wood processing equipment. People generally use this machine to make shavings for bedding animals. Or as raw materials for wood product processing. Because of its good working effect and the uniform thickness of the finished product, the wood shaver machine has been loved by many customers.

Wood shavings making machine
Wood Shavings Making Machine

Wide Range of Uses and Applications

Shuliy wood shavings making machine can handle all kinds of wood, such as logs, twigs, branches, etc. It is widely used in particleboard factories, board factories, paper mills, bio-energy fuels, pet bedding, poultry breeding and bedding nests, logistics fragile bedding and other small and medium-sized enterprises and individual wood processors use.

Wood shaving machine
Wood Shaving Machine

Wood Shavings Making Machine Blade Features

The blades of the wood planer are made of high-strength alloy material with excellent wear resistance and pressure resistance.

The precision-designed knives can achieve accurate planing of wood and ensure the production of superior quality shavings, which is suitable for the high requirements of raw materials in different industrial fields.

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  • Material: carbon steel.
  • Installation: The replacement of the blade is very convenient.
  • Service life: 1-2 years.
  • After-sales service: video and user manual support.

Advantages of Wood Shaver Machine

  1. Multi-functional processing: This machine is suitable for different types of wood, including logs, branches, forks, etc.
  2. Uniform thickness of shavings: The wood shavings making machine can produce shavings of uniform thickness, ensuring the quality and consistency of the shavings.
  3. Reliable and durable: Wood chippers are usually made of strong and durable materials, with long service life and reliability.
  4. Save wood resources: Uniform shavings can make full use of wood resources, reduce waste, and have a positive effect on environmental protection.
Wood shaving mill
Wood Shaving Mill

Synergistic Operation with Other Machines

The finished product made by a wood shaving machine can be applied directly. Most customers buy wood shavings machines to make animal bedding nest material. But wood shavings can also be used as raw material for wood pallets and wood mat blocks. The wood pallet press machine and wood mat block machine will extrude the wood shavings into a fixed shape.

Diesel engine wood shaver
Diesel Engine Wood Shaver

There are different models of wood shavings making machines corresponding to different outputs. We will recommend the right model of machine to our customers. Welcome to consult us at any time!