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Wood chips making machine is also called a wood chipper. Wood chippers can process logs and small-diameter wood into regular wood chips. The treated wood chips are of uniform length, flat cut, even thickness, and good quality. It is suitable for paper mills, particle board mills, fiberboard mills, and wood chip production bases.

portable wood chips making machine working video

The machine has a reasonable and reliable structure, easy operation, good quality of finished material, and high output, which makes it high-quality chipping machinery and equipment. Since its export, our disc chipper has been widely sold to the USA, Philippines, Uganda, Malaysia, Singapore, Zambia, and other countries.

Shuliy Machinery’s wood chips making machine

Our wood chips making machine is flexible and diversified. They are also available in different models to meet different customers’ requirements for output. The power of the chipper can be an electric motor or diesel engine. We support customization of the machine, for example, changing the height and form of the outlet, adding racks and wheels to the machine, adding conveyor belts, etc. This can meet the different needs of customers.

Structure of wood chipper

The wood chips making machine is mainly composed of important parts such as a cutter, blade, bearing base, bearing box, bearing, belt, pulley, motor or diesel engine, big shaft, and housing. The disc chipper can adjust the chipping blade to produce wood chips of different specifications and thicknesses. Also, the length of wood chips can be adjusted within the specified range.

Working principle of wood chipper shredder

The wood chips making machine uses the cutting principle of the blade. Start the motor or diesel engine, belt transmission, and drive the cutter disc on the spindle, and the blade mounted on the cutter disc to rotate repeatedly. The wood is put into the feeding port and cut into wood chips by the cutter disc and the blades flow out from the discharge port.

Application range of wood chipper machine

Applicable materials

Small and large raw materials including logs, board veneer, veneer, bamboo, branch wood, corn stalks, cotton stalks, and reeds can be chipped.

Application of finished products

The processed wood chips can be used for paper making, panel making, and as biomass fuel for power generation.

Using scope of the wood chips making machine
using scope of the wood chips making machine

Parameters of wood chipper shredder

ModelYield(T)Support power(KW)Single weight(kg)Spindle speed(r/min)Blade numberFeeding inlet size(mm)
wood chipping machine technical data

Advantages of mobile wood chipping machine

Mobile wood chipping machine, with a compact and reasonable structure, easy operation, large production capacity, high qualified rate of wood chips, and low energy consumption, is the ideal equipment of choice for producing high-quality wood chips.

Maintenance of commercial wood chipping machine

  • Before the chipper runs, it must be filled with lubricating oil to ensure the normal operation of the machine.
  • Before starting the machine should also pay attention to check the wear and tear of wearing parts, as well as the tightening and loosening of various parts.
  • The wood chips making machine should be fed evenly to ensure the crushing quality and output. At the same time, overload is strictly prohibited to ensure the normal operation of the machine.
  • During the use of the chipper, do not change the power and speed, and keep the angle of the grinding knife consistent.
Commercial wood chips making machine
commercial wood chips making machine

In addition to this machine, our factory also processes large-capacity wood chippers. For details, please click Drum Wood Chipper Commercial Timber Chips Making Machine. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us for more information and machine quotes. We look forward to cooperating with you.