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The wood shredder machine is a professional wood crushing and processing equipment. It can crush wood directly into sawdust or wood chips. Also, this series of products are carefully manufactured by fully using the theory of impact, shear, mutual impact, and grinding. The maximum output can reach 4 tons per hour

The machine cuts the large wood first and then finely crushes it to achieve the purpose of fine crushing. By doing this, the volume of wood waste is reduced and the wood can be processed later, either as wood pellets or as fuel in cogeneration plants or waste treatment plants.

working video of a portable wood shredder

Introduction of wood shredder machine

There are five different models in the wood shredder machine series. Their output can range from 600-4000kg/h. So our machine can meet the needs of most users. As for the power, the wood crusher can be powered by an electric motor and diesel generator. And to be able to produce different fineness of wood chips, we have different sizes of screens.

The wood shredder machine has a similar shape to the hammer chip crusher and wood shavings machine. So, we will recommend the machine that meets the needs of our customers. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Structure of wood crushing machine

The wood crusher machine is mainly composed of: the machine base, the feeding port, the knife plate, the blade, the hammer blade, the machine shell, and the electric control cabinet.

Sawdust-making machine's structure
sawdust-making machine’s structure

Structure character of sawdust making machine

Different screens can produce different sizes of wood chips. When a sawdust-making machine is at work, the material in the crushing chamber can be fully and effectively finely crushed. At the same time, the wood shredder machine has a high output, low energy consumption, and the discharge of fine and uniform characteristics. What’s more the use of the equipment, low noise, low dust, no pollution, simple operation, low maintenance costs, and easy to operate.

Usage of the wood shredding machine

The wood shredder machine is suitable for all kinds of wood crushing and recycling, for example, hardwood, softwood, particle board, plywood, waste sofa, waste wooden sofa, wooden cabinet, furniture, etc. Also, this wood shredder machine can be used for chips of bamboo, thatch, corn stalks, sorghum stalks, and other fibrous culm materials. Can also be used for particle board, sawdust board, and high-density board raw material production.

Wood crusher's finished wood sawdust
wood crusher’s finished wood sawdust

Working principle of industrial wood crusher

Wood is fed from the inlet. In the process of blade cutting and crushing, the rotor generates high-speed airflow. And it rotates with the cutting direction of the blade. The material is accelerated in the airflow and repeatedly impacted so that the material is doubly crushed.

At the same time, accelerates the crushing rate of the material. Finally, the cut wood chips are sent out by the high-speed vapor flow generated by the wind blade on the crushing knife plate.

how the wood crushing machine works

Technical parameters of wood chipper shredder

ModelCapacityOutlet sizePower
wood chipper shredder’s parameter

Different power modes are available

The wood sawdust making machine can be powered by electric motors, diesel engines, or diesel generator sets. You can choose according to your local working scenario. We accept customization and recommend the most suitable power solution based on your needs.

Industrial wood shredder shipped to Mauritius

This customer has experience in importing. And has already purchased two machines for processing wood in China some time ago. Now he needs another wood shredder machine to produce wood chips for the chicken nest. So, depending on the size and output of the logs handled by the customer we recommended the SL-1000 wood shredder.

Wood crusher's finished wood sawdust
wood crusher’s finished wood sawdust

The customer was satisfied with the machine after some time. So, the customer decided to place an order for one to start his business of making chicken nests with wood chips. And here is a picture of the packaging and delivery of the industrial wood shredder. If you are interested in wood processing machines, welcome to browse this website and feel free to contact us.