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The biomass pellet machine is mainly suitable for coarse fiber granulation, such as wood chips, rice husks, cotton stalks, cottonseed husks, weeds, etc. If your raw material is mainly wood chips, shaped pellets are a new type of fuel energy. These wood pellets can be used for heating and electricity generation.

wood biomass pellets making machine operation video

In addition to the biomass pellet machine, there are also ring die biomass pellet machines. These wood pellet machines can also make the same wood pellets.

Introduction to biomass pellet machine

There are many models of biomass pellet machines produced by Shuliy. Different models have different outputs. Our wood pellet machines can be equipped with dies of different hole diameters. Therefore, customers can have multiple options to make wood pellets of different sizes. The mold and pressure wheel of the pellet mill are made of wear-resistant alloy steel.

Therefore, it has the characteristics of firmness, durability, and long service life. The biomass pellet machine has a simple structure, wide applicability, small footprint, and low noise, which is one of the necessary machines for many biomass manufacturers.

Applicable materials of the wood pellet mill

The wood pellet mill is suitable for a wide range of materials. It can be sawdust or crops, such as corn stalks, straws, peanut shells, corncobs, cotton stalks, weeds, etc. These turned out to be readily available and low-cost. And we have the wood crusher machine, which can make sawdust.

The characteristics of the formed wood pellets are large specificity, small size, resistance to combustion, and easy storage and transportation. It is a solid fuel with highly volatile phenols.

Working principle of wood pellet machine

The wood pellet machine is powered by a motor (or diesel engine), which drives the gear and transmits it to the main shaft. Under the action of friction force, the pressure roller rotates itself, so that the friction temperature is generated between the pressure roller and the die, and the powdery material is plasticized.

Then the material is extruded from the die hole under the extrusion of the pinch roller. Finally, the throwing tray sends the finished wood pellets out of the biomass pellet machine through the discharge port.

wood pellet mill working video

Process flow of wood pellet extruder machine for sale:

Raw material collection → raw material drying → granulation and molding → bagging and sales.


  1. Since the sawdust does not need to be crushed, the crushing link is omitted, and it can be granulated directly after drying.
  2. The moisture content after drying should be 15-18%. If the moisture content is too large or too small, it is not conducive to the formation of particles.

Features of the wood pellet making machine

  • The material is dry in and dries out without drying. Using differential gear, universal joint transmission, low energy consumption, high output.
  • The wood pellet making machine adopts the new technology of extrusion granulation and polishing to solve the problem of difficult granulation in the traditional granulation process.
  • The final sawdust particles are uniform, smooth, and round, with high strength and good fluidity.
  • The machine is widely used. It can be used for the re-granulation of organic waste in biomass fuel plants, power plants, animal husbandry, feed mills, and other industries.

Parameters of sawdust pellet machine

Output (kg/h)150-300200-500300-700
biomass pellet making machine technical data

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