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Log debarker machine is equipment specially used for peeling various kinds of wood. The machine has been widely used all over the world. Especially in countries with many timber resources. Due to the high efficiency of log debarker machines, labor savings, and good debarking effects are welcomed by many countries. The machine handles raw materials of different sizes and thicknesses of barked logs, which can be adapted to the needs of different customers.

wood log debarker machine working video

Moreover, generally speaking, the wetter the bark of the wood is, the better the effect of the machine. The treated wood can be further processed in various ways, such as cutting wood, shaving, crushing, etc. And we also have wood sawmill machines and sawdust making machines. The log debarker machine can be used for woodworking projects and is also ideal for farmers and log users.

Brief introduction of log debarker machine

Shuliy Machinery produces two types of wood peeling machines, one is a small vertical wood peeling machine. The other is a large horizontal wood peeling machine. Their barking methods and output are different, and customers can choose the machine according to their needs.

Since our establishment, we often export the log debarker machine to the United States, European countries, South Africa, Australia, and so on. Due to the low price, durability, and good working effect of the barking machine, our customers have a long-term relationship with us.

Using scopes of the wood peeling machine

The log debarker machine is suitable for debarking freshly cut coniferous woods and some hardwoods, and also for debarking some frozen woods and dry woods.

So it is widely used in paper mills, pulp mills, wood chip mills, forestry, fuel pellet producers, and other wood processing enterprises, such as wood chip mills, sawmills, artificial board mills (plywood mills, MDF mills), etc. In addition, the wood peeling machine is very suitable for assembly line operations and is an indispensable piece of equipment in automated production.

Using scope of wood peeling machine
using scope of wood peeling machine

Type 1: Vertical wood peeling machine

The output of the vertical wood peeling machine is relatively small. This type of log debarker machine is suitable for processing logs, trunks, sections, and other wood. Allow wood bending up to 8%, trunk diameter in the 5-35cm. And the fresher the trunk barking efficiency is higher, and the barking effect is also better. About the power, it can be an electric motor or diesel engine. Customers can choose according to their needs.

Wood debarker
wood log debarker machine

Structure of the high-speed wood peeling machine

A vertical wood peeling machine is also called ring type wood peeling machine. It is mainly composed of a feeding mechanism, discharging mechanism, knife plate, transmission system, and bottom frame. And other parts. To be able to feed more easily.

We also weld a long channel and bracket at the feed opening. Besides, we can also install shelves and wheels to the log debarker machine according to the customer’s needs. So, it is good for the move.

Structure of the wood skin removing machine
structure of the wood skin removing machine

Technical parameter of the small log debarker

Max diameter260mm300mm
Knife quantity(pcs)44
Main power(kw)7.5 7.5 
Driving power(kw)1.5 1.5 
small log debarker’s parameter

How does the industrial log debarker work?

The industrial log debarker adopts step-less variable speed technology to adjust the feeding speed automatically. So it can be suitable for peeling various kinds of wood of different species, different diameter grades, and different curvatures. The ring type adopts the rotary cutting working principle of the ring knife type. Each wood is peeled and treated one by one, so the treatment effect is better and more thorough.

working video of log debarker machine

Type 2: Horizontal wood peeling machine

A horizontal wood peeling machine is also called a trough-type wood peeling machine. This type of machine has a large output. A horizontal wood peeling machine can batch process a variety of different species, shapes, and lengths of wood. The diameter of the material to be processed by the log debarker machine needs to be less than 30 cm. And since the batches can be peeled, the machine can be used in conjunction with grippers and mesh belt conveyors. In this way, the machine can work more efficiently and save a lot of manpower.

Structure of the wood skin removing machine
structure of the wood skin removing machine

What is structure of a horizontal wood skinning machine

The structure of the trough-type skinning machine is simple. The log debarker machine mainly includes a frame, skinning mechanism, transmission system, baffle, rotor with skinning teeth, and power unit.

Structure of the wood skin removing machine
structure of the wood skin removing machine

Detailed information on the log peeler

Max diameter400500
Wood length(m)2-52-6
log peeler’s parameter

Working principle of the double roller wood peeling machine

A double roller wood peeling machine is the use of the unique force generated by the rotor with barking teeth so that the wood section in the silo slot plate cycle moves. But also around the wood section of its axis to do rotary motion, as well as irregular jumping. So the wood section and teeth, wood section, and barn slot between the non-stop friction, to achieve the efficient peeling effect.

Features of a wood barking machine

  • The wood barking machine has a wide range of applications and can handle a variety of different sizes and different species of wood.
  • High rate of peeling, can reach the peeling efficiency of more than 95 percent.
  • The machine is simple and convenient to operate, only one employee operating the machine can complete all the peeling work.
  • Low energy consumption, and low failure rate. And the long service life of the peeling machine. The machine can be produced on the ground, even without additional installation, easy to use.
  • With high machine efficiency, both machines achieve continuous operation. The horizontal skinning machine can handle a large amount of wood at one time.

Successful case

Our American customer owns a sawmill. He sent us a direct inquiry for a Log debarker machine. After communication, we understood that the customer needed to process coarser logs. So we provided the customer directly with pictures and videos of the largest model of the peeling machine. The customer also indicated that the machine met the requirements. Then our salesperson provided a quotation to the customer. After the customer confirmed all the details of the machine. The customer placed the order and we prepared the machine for production. After that, the machine is shipped to the destination.

What are reasons for choosing the Shuliy log debarker?

  • Shuliy Machinery is a professional manufacturer of wood machinery. We can provide customers with favorable prices and high-quality machines.
  • We can solve most of the problems encountered by customers in time. We have a deep knowledge of wood machinery, and we can provide any aspect that customers want to know.
  • We have rich experience in exporting. We can help customers to solve the problems encountered in export in time.
  • Shuliy Machinery has been exported to many countries. And all the customers are satisfied with our machines.

What are characteristics of both wood peeling machines?

  • Vertical wood peeling machine generally handles the wood diameter is relatively large. And the best raw materials can not be too bent. Machine work is to require employees to constantly put the wood into the machine.
  • Horizontal wood peeling machines can deal with bending and smaller-diameter wood. When the machine works, it can process many materials at one time in bulk. Generally, work together with gripping clamps and conveyor belts. High working efficiency meets the needs of medium and large wood processing plants.

We sincerely invite you to consult at any time to learn more detailed information about wood processing machines and welcome you to visit our factory. We look forward to cooperating with you.