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The automatic saw mill machine is a wood-splitting machine with a circular saw or band saw as the tool. Sawmill machines are common equipment for roughing wood. The sawmill can process larger logs, sections, and squares into thick slices of wood. The treated wood can be used for processing and manufacturing various wood products or further processing.

Due to their high efficiency, smooth operation, and durability, sawmills are widely used in many countries. Therefore, they are commonly used in many countries.

Introduction of automatic saw mill machine

Shuliy Machinery has three different models of automatic saw mill machines. They are portable sawmills, vertical saws, and lumber mill saws. Each type of machine has its characteristics, such as different requirements for the diameter of the raw material.

But the raw materials they handle are the same which can be logs, sections, and squares. With the advantages of durability, energy saving, environmental protection, labor and material saving, and automation, it has become a popular machine in the field of woodworking machinery nowadays.

Application scope of sawmill machine

The automatic saw mill machine can handle all kinds of logs, sections, squares, and exotic wood. It is widely used in sawmills, shipbuilding plants, mountainous timber harvesting sites, wood processing plants, etc.

Application of the sawmill machine
application of the sawmill machine

Type 1: Portable sawmill

The portable sawmill is easy and convenient to operate, equipped with an electric control cabinet to control and use the machine quickly. When using it, you can push the wood manually or use a pneumatic control. The wood cannot be cut when manually pushing the wood to reset, but only when moving forward.

Generally speaking, the diameter of the treated wood should be less than 50cm, and the wood will be stuck on the automatic saw mill machine during the whole working process to ensure the stability of cutting. In addition to this, the automatic saw mill machine is equipped with an infrared calibration system that helps the user to cut boards of uniform thickness.

Portable log sawmill
portable log sawmill

Structure of lumber mill saw

The main components of this lumber mill saw are the frame, main saw part, slot saw part, lateral guiding stop, fixed table, sliding push table, miter saw guide, bracket, miter saw angle display device, and lateral guiding stop.

The whole automatic saw mill machine is simple and reasonable in structure, hand pushing and labor-saving, convenient and flexible in operation and use, smooth and high precision in sawing material, realizing the work of fixed size, and can be sawed at different angles.

Pine log sawmill's structure
pine log sawmill’s structure

Parameters of automatic saw mill machine

Max sawing wood length4000mm4000mm4000mm
Max sawing wood diameter3000mm4000mm5000mm
Motor power7.5KW*211+7.5kw11KW*2
Dimension 8000X1600X1600mm
wood sawmill machine’s parameter

How does the wood milling machine work?

The automatic saw mill machine works with two saw blades, the main saw blade and the scribing saw blade. When the cutting process is carried out, the scribing saw is sawed in advance, and a groove with a depth of 1~2mm and a width of 0.1~0.2mm thicker than the main saw blade is first sawed on the bottom surface of the processed board to ensure that the edge of the saw kerf is not torn when the main saw blade is cutting, to obtain good sawing quality.

portable saw mill machine working video

Highlights of the portable sawmill machine

  • The use of a double saw blade structure, can eliminate the sawing of veneer panels to present a chipping scene, without the need to trim the edge through other processes.
  • Sawing accuracy is higher: the general guide right angle error is plus or minus 0.1mm.
  • Simple operation, easy to understand: no need to use skilled workers, teaching will be.
Finished product
finished product from the automatic saw mill machine

Type 2: Vertical bandsaw mill

Vertical bandsaw mill as the name implies the saw of this type of machine is vertical. The automatic saw mill machine needs to be used in conjunction with a track. When using the machine one fixes the wood on a fixed table on the track. It is necessary to control the forward and backward movement of the wood manually. The automatic saw mill machine has high processing efficiency and cost-effective price, which makes it a good choice for wood processing factories.

Best log sawmill
best log sawmill

Structure of vertical band saw mill machine

The structure of the vertical band saw mainly includes the bed, upper and lower saw wheels, saw blade tensioning device, saw wheel lifting device, saw card device, transmission device, etc.

Technical parameters of the pine log sawmill

Saw wheel diameter1600mm1250mm
Max sawing wood diameter800mm1000mm
Motor power30KW45KW
Sawing thickness settingCNC
wood clamping modelElectricHydraulic
Wood rotationHydraulic roller on the ground
Max sawing wood length4000mm6000mm
The length of the track10M18M
pine log sawmill’s Parameter

Working principle of the best log sawmill

The working principle is to clamp the log to the band saw blade for feeding movement, through the forward and reverse rotation of the motor to control the table for forward and backward action, through the gear drive, and drive the spindle of the car for reciprocating movement. When the CNC system again receives the forward command, and the same speed to walk forward for the same interval. When the backward command is received, the return stroke is carried out.

How does the log saw mill machine work?

log saw mill machine work video

Type 3: Horizontal log sawmill

A log sawmill is one in which the machine is prone to the ground while working. Generally, this type of machine is used to handle larger and longer-diameter logs. The machine has two parts, one is the track fixed on the ground, and the other is the cutting part with the saw blade. The machine works with the adjustable thickness of the boards. The automatic saw mill machine is also available in different models, which have different track widths. Customers need to choose the model according to their specific needs.

Industrial wood saw machine
industrial wood saw machine

Components of horizontal log sawmill

This automatic saw mill machine mainly contains a saw frame, parallelogram adjustment device or four screw adjustment device, saw sharpening machine, track and lifting bracket, etc.

Working video of the wood saw machine

horizontal log sawmill video

Detailed information on large log sawmill

Saw wheel diameter1000mm1070mm
Max sawing wood diameter1500mm2500mm
Motor power37KW55KW
Sawing thickness setting350mm450mm
Max sawing wood length6000mm6000mm
large log sawmill’s parameter

Working principle of automatic sawmill machine

The automatic saw mill machine has one upper saw wheel and one lower saw wheel. Generally, the lower saw wheel is the active wheel and the upper saw wheel is the driven wheel. In this pair of saw wheels hanging on one side of a thin steel band with saw teeth, the saw wheel rotation band saw blade also rotates. So the teeth on the saw blade move continuously and rapidly, and the wood is sawed by it when it comes into contact with it.

Difference between a vertical wood sawing machine and a horizontal wood sawmill

  • A vertical wood sawing machine is a band saw machine that does not move, by the woodworking automatic sports car left and right before and after the movement to saw logs; a horizontal woodworking band saw machine has the wood mounted on the woodworking sports car, woodworking sports car does not move, by the band, machine to move to saw the wood.
  • The display of the saw blade used, vertical his saw blade and the wood is 90 degrees angle vertical up and down sawing wood. The bedroom is moved horizontally to the left and right to see the wood.

Shipment of the sawmill to Russia

Our customer is from Russia, where he works for a company specializing in manufacturing fishing boats. He sent an inquiry to us by browsing our website. He indicated that he needed a sawmill that would not saw but move the wood. We recommended a vertical sawmill. We sent a quotation to the customer.

After that, we confirmed all the details of the automatic saw mill machine and the destination to the customer. Finally, the customer placed an order, the machine was quickly processed, and it was successfully packaged and shipped to the customer’s location.

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