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The comprehensive pallet crusher has a wide range of applications. For example, power plants, biomass pellet plants, and artificial board plants are equipped with integrated crushers. People use the industrial wood grinder to process various materials such as boards, branches, wooden crates, logs, etc. Compared with other crushers, this machine has a larger output, reaching 30 tons per hour.

comprehensive pallet crusher machine working video

Due to the powerful crushing system of the machine, it can process materials in large quantities. The machine is highly efficient, wear-resistant, and durable, and is a popular wood-crushing machine among customers.

What is the comprehensive pallet crusher?

The comprehensive pallet crusher made by Shuliy comes with a feeding conveyor belt, where users can put boards, wood, etc. directly on the conveyor belt. Then the conveyor belt can automatically feed the material into the crushing system. This saves a lot of energy. So one can also use the machine for batch and continuous wood processing. In addition, the machine has a magnetic suction device at the exit of the machine, which can suck nails, debris, etc. out of the finished product.

So the machine can handle metal materials such as nails and the finished product is much cleaner. In addition, we have different models of wood crushers to meet the needs of different customers. Besides, we also have smaller wood crushers that can mainly process the log, branch, etc.       


Application scope of the industrial wood grinder

The industrial wood grinder can process waste packaging boxes, templates, boards, branches, wooden bins, pallets, corn stalks, logs, and other waste wood materials with silage crushing. The function is more powerful, solid, and durable, and the material applicability is broad.

Application scope of finished wood chips: Wood chips are the primary raw materials for biomass pellets, artificial boards, mechanism charcoal, organic fertilizer, and so on. It is also the raw material needed by power plants, biomass pellet factories, artificial board factories, and other industries.

Applications of industrial wood grinder machine
applications of industrial wood grinder machine

What are the remarkable features of wooden pallet shredder?

  • It can adapt to the installation and use of equipment in different geographical and terrain conditions, not affected by seasonal climate and other external conditions.
  • Our comprehensive pallet crusher adopts automatic control, automatic feeding, and discharging, which improves production capacity. And make the man-machine separation, improving the safety factor of machine operation.
  • The machine is powerful. The comprehensive crusher can handle all kinds of waste wood with metal nails. It can take a wide range of raw materials, such as logs, branches, waste furniture, and boards.
  • The comprehensive pallet crusher has a large output. The machine adopts a chain plate conveying feed, which can make the feed more smoothly and substantially increase production capacity.  
Industrial wood pallet shredders
industrial wood pallet shredders

Parameters of industrial wood crusher machine

Feeding inlet size1300*500mm1400*800mm1600*800mm
Feeding maximum diameter400mm500mm600mm
Output sizeLess than 100mmLess than 100mmLess than 100mm
Input conveyor6m6m6m
Output conveyor8m10m10m
Hammer quantity20pcs32pcs66pcs
Capacity8-10 t /h10-15t/h20-30t/h
Total power156.5 kW213.5 kW233.5kW
Overall size8600*2000*2300mm9600*2400*3300mm12500*2800*3200mm
comprehensive pallet crusher technical data

What are the components of wood pallet shredder?

The comprehensive pallet crusher mainly consists of a feeding conveyor, feeding device, knife roller, screen, discharge port, magnetic suction device, etc. The structure of the machine is advanced and reasonable, and it is easy to operate and maintain.

Structure of the wood crusher machine
structure of the wood crusher machine

How does a large-capacity wood crusher work?

The raw materials are put on the chain conveyor belt by the grasping car and then conveyed to the feeding roller at the front of the main machine.

The material is conveyed to the crushing chamber of the machine after being crushed by the feeding roller. Therefore, the rotor rotates at a high speed driven by the motor or diesel engine, and at the same time, the material will be cut and torn to pieces.

Finally, the material that meets the production requirements will be discharged through the screen, while the material that does not meet the requirements will be crushed twice in the crushing chamber until it meets the requirements.

Exporting comprehensive crusher to Singapore

Our customer from Singapore sent us an email stating that he needed a comprehensive pallet crusher. He visited our website and got our contact information beforehand. Immediately afterward our sales manager sent an email to the customer.

In between, we confirmed to the customer that the raw material he was processing was wood boards. The size of the board is 1200x1100x150mm and it has nails. We also sent the customer the pictures, parameters, and video of the machine. Our integrated crusher is very suitable for this kind of raw material. After a period of consideration, the customer decides to buy.

Comprehensive crusher
comprehensive crusher

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