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The pallet block making machine is specialized in producing dragging tray matting foot and protective layer matting blocks. It can process about 4m³ of raw materials per day. With customization, you can get finished products in different shapes and sizes.

As wood matting blocks are used for transportation and storage, people’s demand is relatively high. Therefore, the matting machine is also supported by many customers.

wood pallet blocks pressing machine working video

Brief introduction to pallet block making machine

Shuliy’s pallet block making machine can produce high-quality wood blocks with wood sawdust as raw material. The finished products produced do not fall off scraps and have good water resistance. It has been welcomed by many customers. Our pallet block making machine can produce two types of wood blocks, solid and hollow. Customers can choose according to their needs.

Also, we have two kinds of sawdust block making machines, one is common and one is the European standard. The European standard machine is a bit more expensive. But there is a difference between the two machines, if you are interested please contact us.

The raw material used in sawdust block-making machine

The raw materials used in the sawdust block making machine are generally wood sawdust, wood chips, wood shavings, etc., similar to the raw materials used in the press wood pallet making machine.

Raw material of the sawdust brick press machine
raw material of the sawdust brick press machine

How many types of wood blocks?

There are two types of wood blocks we produce: solid and hollow. But we recommend the hollow blocks. Because the perforated blocks are breathable, heat dissipates, and not easy to get moisture.

What are the sizes of sawdust wood blocks?

General size: 80*80mm, 90*90mm, 100*100mm.

European standard size: Generally above 100mm, for example, 145*105mm.

Different type of wood block makers
different types of woodblock makers

Structure of sawdust wood block hot press machine

Pallet block making machine contains an electric control cabinet, hopper, hydraulic pushing device, heating and forming device, outlet (with double outlet and triple outlet), saw (manual or automatic), etc.

Parameters of a sawdust block maker

Size90*90mm (Customizable)
Capacity4 m³/24h (different for different materials)
Material consumption550-600kg/m³(wood shavings, sawdust)
Glue consumption80-100kg/m³
Temperature controlPID
Weight1300 Kg
sawdust block maker’s parameter

Working principle of the pallet block machine

The working principle of the pallet block making machine is that the hydraulic cylinder provides high pressure. And then pushes the piston to squeeze and mold the raw material. The heating plate is heated at high temperatures to promote the curing and molding of urea-formaldehyde glue, which increases the strength of the foot pier.

What kind of machines can together with the sawdust block maker form a production line?

The sawdust block making machine can be combined with a crusher, airflow dryer (with the furnace), gluing mixer, woodblock cutter, etc. to form a production line. We can match the production line of the wood block machine according to the customer’s actual situation.

Benefits of sawdust block making machine

  • There are various types of sawdust block making machines, which can meet different customers’ needs.
  • The good working effect, beautiful, clean, and durable briquettes produced.
  • The pallet block making machine is durable and has a long service life.
  • Easy to use, with an electric control cabinet, and easy to operate.

What are advantages of sawdust wood blocks?

  • Because the wood block is formed by high-temperature extrusion, it is free from fumigation.
  • Low production cost. Wooden mat block consists of wood chips, the raw material is cheap and easy to get.
  • High load-bearing performance. It can support most items and is widely used.

Our factory has been producing wood processing equipment for many years and has rich experience. If you are engaged in this industry, you may wish to browse this website and feel free to contact us. We will be your best choice.