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Hydraulic wood pallet machine is a new type of molded pallet production equipment. This machine can mold wood sawdust and other raw materials at one time through hot pressing. One pallet is processed every 4-5 minutes, and more than 200 pallets can be produced every day.

Now the raw materials handled by this press wood pallet machine are all kinds of wood chips, coconut shells, waste wood sawdust, etc. Therefore, this equipment meets the requirements of environmental protection and is welcomed by many customers.

wood pallet pressing machine working video

Hydraulic wood pallet machine from Shuliy Machinery

The hydraulic wood pallet machine produced by Shuliy is the most advanced in the market nowadays. The machine works using a hydraulic device. The wooden pallets made by this machine are strong, durable, and widely used. The wooden pallets we produce are available in various models and can also be made in different shapes. Therefore, we can meet the needs of different customers.

Our wood pallet machines are widely sold overseas, in Canada, Egypt, Malaysia, Madagascar, Mexico, Slovakia, etc. Besides, we also manufacture the sawdust making machine, which can work together with the hydraulic wood pallet machine.

What are materials processed by press wood pallet making machine?

Raw material: The raw material that can be processed by the wood pallet machine is relatively wide. Generally can be coconut shell, coconut fiber, paper; biomass raw materials, waste wood chips, sawdust wood chips, shavings, wood chips, etc.

Raw material of the wood pallet
raw material of the wood pallet

Application of wood pallets: The wood pallet machine can carry heavy objects and transport items, such as food, medicine, agricultural products, fertilizer, etc.

Application of wood pallet
Application of wood pallet

Structure of pallet press machine

The hydraulic wood pallet machine mainly contains a hydraulic pump station, hydraulic cylinder, upper and lower die, control cabinet, mold temperature machine, and so on. Different machine models produce different pressures.

Workflow of the sawdust pellet press machine

Workers first lay the raw material flat in the mold of the hydraulic wood pallet machine.

Turn on the machine and set it up various times. Then the machine starts to hot press the raw material.

After 4-5 minutes, the wooden pallet making is finished.

Technical parameters of hot press pallet making machine

ModelSL-800-102 with two molds
Molds size1200*800mm(Customizable)
Working pressure25MPa
Oil CylinderΦ360*4pcs
hot press pallet making machine’s parameter

What are advantages of a wood pallet machine?

  • The hydraulic wood pallet machine has a wide range of applications. The raw material can be various kinds of wood sawdust and long fiber materials. Therefore, users will reduce the input of raw materials.
  • This machine has various models. Different sizes of wood pallets can be produced.
  • The pressure of the press wood pallet machine is high. And the wood pallets produced are solid and durable.
  • The equipment is a four-post structure. Therefore, the machine is stable, easy to maintain, and has a long service life.
  • PLC control system is easy to operate, you can set the time and temperature by yourself.

What are advantages of wood pallets?

  • Wooden pallets are free from fumigation and can be imported and exported freely.
  • Meet the requirements of environmental protection, and low production cost.
  • The stable shape of wooden pallets, no deformation, and long service life.
  • High precision and light weight of wooden pallets.


Can the size of wooden pallets be customized?

Yes, it is possible.

Can the mold of wooden pallets be replaced? Can it be customized?

The molds can be changed. We can customize the mold of wooden pallets according to the customer’s requirements.

What is the weight of wooden pallets that can be carried?

Static load: 3, 5, 10 tons. Dynamic load: 3-5 tons.

What is the moisture requirement of raw material?

The less moisture the better. Generally, it is about 10%.

How long does it take to make a wooden pallet?

4-5 minutes.

    Wooden pallets sold to Canada

    A customer from Canada ordered a TP-800-102 hydraulic wood pallet machine from us last week. We learned through communication that the customer has a wood pallet factory and wants to buy a new machine. The customer used a frame-type wood pallet machine, an old model. We recommended the new machine to the customer with a smaller footprint, more efficient work, and a durable finished product. After giving the customer a detailed introduction to the machine, the customer decided to purchase a wood pallet machine.