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Industrial tree shredders, also called wood crushers, are machines that crush wood into wood chips. The large wood shredder machine can be configured with either diesel or electric motor power according to user requirements. We can also add a mobile unit according to the actual situation to facilitate the user’s mobile operation without electricity in different environments.

Industrial tree shredder processing raw materials

The industrial tree shredder is a machine for processing shredded wood chips, which can cut logs such as pine, miscellaneous wood, poplar, fir, and other logs and raw bamboo into uniform pieces. Wood shredder chipper can also be used for slicing and shredding boards, plates, bamboo, branches, and other fibrous and more difficult-to-crush materials. We will adjust the size specifications of the discharge material by swapping screens according to the specific needs of users.

Materials that industrial tree shredder process
Materials That Industrial Tree Shredder Process

Application of wood chips

Wood shredders are crushed branches, round wood, fruit wood, elmwood, fir wood, and other wood, crushed and used as the medium for edible mushroom strains. So as to grow edible mushroom products such as shiitake mushrooms and fungus. It is also the equipment for industrial products such as paper mills, artificial boards, medium fiber boards, and wood chip production bases.

Industrial tree shredder produced wood chips usage
Industrial Tree Shredder Produced Wood Chips Usage

Shuliy’s industrial tree shredder

The wood crushers produced by Shuliy can be fixed or mobile. Stationary sawdust making machines are powered by electric motors, after all, electricity saves money compared to diesel engines. The use of mobile wood crusher machines is using diesel engines as the power to work in the field and solve the power problem. Customers can choose according to their actual situation, welcome to consult at any time!

Industrial tree shredder
Industrial Tree Shredder