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Shavings for animal bedding can process wood segments into thin shavings of uniform thickness. The shavings produced by this machine are now widely used in animal bedding, panels, and furniture. The blade inside the machine works in rotation. The depth of the knife can be adjusted as needed to obtain shavings of different thicknesses.

working video of wood shavings for animal bedding

Shuliy Machinery, as a professional wood machinery manufacturer, produces wood shavings machines with high quality, affordable prices, and high working efficiency to meet the needs of most customers. Before shaving the wood, people usually choose to peel the machine with the log debarker.

Brief introduction to shavings for animal bedding

Shuliy’s wood shaving machine has different models. We can meet the needs of more customers. We can also customize the machine according to the specific needs of our customers. For example, we can raise the frame of the shavings for animal bedding and add two big wheels to facilitate customers to move the machine, etc. Regarding the power, the machine can be equipped with a diesel engine and electric motor. The countries we often export to are South Africa and the surrounding areas.

Application scope of wood shaving machine

Raw material: logs (better after peeling), branches, etc.

Application of finished products: It can be made into particle board (plywood); raw material for wood pulp paper in paper mills; filling for fragile goods transportation in transportation companies; filling for small-scale pigs, cattle, sheep, and various animals in their nests; also used as bio-energy.

Particle processing equipment is used by small and medium-sized enterprises. And individual wood processing households such as particle board factories, board-making factories, paper mills, bio-energy fuel, pet bedding, poultry breeding to raise bedding nests, logistics fragile bedding, etc. Mushroom planting and growing base.

Applications of wood shaving machine
applications of wood shaving machine
Wood shavings machine application
wood shavings machine application

Technical information on industrial wood shaver machine

parameters of wood shavings for animal bedding

Structure of pine wood shavings making machine

The pine wood shaving machine mainly includes the frame, feeding port, knife plate, blade, screen, discharge port, etc. Generally, the small size of the shavings machine also comes with Shakelong, which can concentrate the dust produced by the machine when working. We can also raise the frame and install the wheels according to the customer’s requirements.

How does the animal bedding machine work?

After the raw material enters the feeding port, it will be firstly crushed by the impact of the high-speed rotating hammer. And the shearing knife under the application of the cutting into the crushing chamber.

Then the wind generated by the built-in wind blade will be sent to the material outlet through the screen. Or the external fan will be pumped to the material outlet.

The size of shavings is decided by adjusting the blade length and screen aperture size to suit various needs.

how the wood shaver machine works

Disk wood shaving machine’s knife and blade

  • The shavings system is the most important part of the machine, which contains the knife plate and the blade.
  • The cutter disc and blade we produce are made of high-quality material, strong and durable, sharp, and good shaving effect.
  • In addition, the number of blades varies from model to model, there are four blades and eight blades.
  • The tilt of the blade can be adjusted to control the thickness of the shavings.

Highlights of the commercial wood shaving mill

  • The commercial wood shaving machine has a compact structure, reasonable layout, easy installation, convenient operation, and maintenance.
  • The shavings for animal bedding have a fast production speed, saving a lot of time and manpower.
  • Finished shavings produced are thin, soft, uniform in thickness, and good in texture.
  • The shavings for animal bedding can be equipped with different screens, and the thickness of the shavings can also be adjusted. So it can meet different customers’ demands for shavings.
Commercial wood shaving machines
commercial wood shaving machines

Successful Case

The customer is from Abkhazia and is a purchasing manager of a lumber mill. He contacted us by watching our YouTube video. Through communication, the customer needed a larger type of shaving for animal bedding. So our sales manager provided the customer with pictures, videos, and parameters of the larger planer. Finally, the customer chose SL-800, capacity 1000KG/H, planer. After that, we immediately provided the PI of the machine. The customer was satisfied and placed an order for the planner after seeing it.