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Wood pellet making machine is a device that processes various broken kinds of wood, plant straws, plant shells, slag, etc. into biofuel pellets. The output of the wood pellet mill is larger, and the produced renewable fuel pellets are smooth and dense, which is the first choice of many users. Our biomass pellet machine is very popular. And many biomass pellet factories at home and abroad have chosen our machine. Now our machines have been sold to Uganda, the Philippines, Senegal, Malaysia, Mexico, Australia, and other countries.

Brief introduction of wood pellet making machine

The wood pellet making machine produced by Shuliy has many models. And the output of each model is different. Customers have several options. In addition to this machine, we also have other wood pellet machines with relatively small outputs. And we will recommend suitable machines according to the specific needs of customers. In order for customers to use our machines more conveniently and efficiently, we also have feeding machines and conveyor belts. Working together can achieve efficient and continuous work.

Raw materials that the wood pellet making machine can handle

The wood pellet making machine can handle a wide range of materials, such as red pine, wood chips, straw, corn straw, wheat straw, rice straw, wheat husk, peanut shell, coal powder, and other materials. These raw materials are easy to obtain, the required cost is low, and the biomass particles produced are widely used.

Raw material of the wood pellet mill
Raw Material Of The Wood Pellet Mill

Usage of the finished wood pellets

High-density biomass pellets can be used for combustion, power generation, heating, hot water boilers, industrial boilers, etc.

Finished wood pellets
Finished Wood Pellets

Structure of the wood biomass pelletizer machine

The wood pellet making machine mainly includes the feeding port, the feeding cylinder, the observation window, the cover plate, the motor, the dust cover, the discharging port, the gearbox, and other parts. The overall structure of the machine is reasonable, the floor space is small, and the work is strong, durable, and wear-resistant. Therefore, the wood pellet extruder is a high-quality biomass pellet manufacturing equipment.

How does the wood pellet extruder work?

When the wood pellet making machine is working, the material enters the material basin through the feeding cone and the deflecting scraper. Then, through the action of centrifugal force, the material is continuously thrown to the inner wall of the die. This will form a uniform annular layer. Then, the pressing rollers and platens will gradually squeeze the material. Then enter the ring die for molding, and continuously extrude outward to form biomass particles.

Wood pellet maker’s parameter

Capacity(T/H) 0.2-0.30.6-0.81-1.31.2-1.51.2-1.52-2.5 3-4 
Power(KW)22+0.7555+1.5+ 1.1+0.37+ 0.5590+1.5+ 1.5+0.55+ 0.3790+1.5+ 1.5+0.55+ 0.3790+1.5+ 1.5+0.55+ 0.37160+2.2+ 0.37+0.75 +1.5220+3+0.5 5+2.2+1.1
wood pellet maker’s parameter

Advantages of the wood pellet making machine

  1. Our wood pellet-making machine has a simple structure, wide adaptability, small footprint, and low noise.
  2. Powdered feed and grass powder can be granulated without adding a little liquid. Therefore, the moisture content of pellet feed is very low, which is more conducive to storage.
  3. It has a wide range of applications and can process various materials. In addition to making biomass pellets, it can also make feed pellets.
  4. All parts of the machine are made of high-quality mechanical materials, which are stable in operation, durable and wear-resistant, and have a long service life.
Wood pellet maker
Wood Pellet Maker

Differences and suggestions between wood pellet making machines and flat die pellet machine

  1. The minimum output is different. The output of the flat die pellet machine is at least 1.5-3 kg. But the pellet-making machines are 0.2-0.3 tons. Therefore, if you need a relatively high output, it is recommended to use a ring die pellet machine.
  2. Different feeding methods. The flat die pellet machine enters the pressing chamber vertically by the weight of the material itself. The wood pellet-making machine adopts a curved feeding trough to roll and compress the feed.
  3. Particle finish and compression ratio. The adjustable range of compression ratio of the ring dies granulator is larger than that of the flat die pellet machine. And the smoothness of the pellets produced is better than that of the flat die pellet machine. If you have high requirements for the compression ratio and appearance of granulated products, and the output is also large, it is recommended to choose a wood pellet-making machine.

Why choose Shuliy Machinery’s wood pellet mill for sale?

  1. Shuliy is a professional wood machinery manufacturer with experience in wood machinery manufacturing.
  2. We will design and customize exclusive machinery according to the specific needs of different customers.
  3. We have a professional sales service team to ensure professional answers to customers online and offline.
  4. Customers can pay online and track logistics online so that customers can buy with confidence.
  5. All parts of our machines are made of wear-resistant high-quality materials used in heavy machinery.
Wood pellet mill
Wood Pellet Mill