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Congratulations! Our customer from Malaysia purchased a mobile wood crusher machine from us. Wood crushers can process branches into different sizes of wood chips. We produce two different kinds of wood crushers. One is a mobile wood crusher machine and the other is a hammered blade wood crusher. They have different internal structures and process different raw materials. Customers need to decide which machine they need according to the material they are processing.

Mobile wood crusher machine order details

How did the customer reach us?

Due to the feed, the customer needed a mobile wood crusher to process the raw material. So he searched the website for wood-related machinery. Then the customer saw our website, and since we are a professional wood machinery manufacturer, we have a complete range of machines to handle wood types. So he chose to contact us.

Communication process for wood chipper machine order

He sent us an inquiry for a wood shredder after browsing our website. Our sales manager contacted the customer immediately. Through communication, we understood that the customer wanted a hammer blade wood shredder. But then we learned that the material the customer was handling was fresh palm branches. The crushed palm branches were mixed with other feed to feed the cattle.

So we recommended the mobile wood crusher to the customer again. We also recommended the SL-500 mobile wood crusher machine according to the customer’s required output. And we sent the PI of the machine to the customer. The customer said he could place the order after reading it. Then we determined the destination port and shipped the mobile wood crusher machine directly.

Wood chipper machine
Wood Chipper Machine

What questions about the industrial wood crusher are mentioned by the customer?

1. Can the mobile wood crusher crush fresh palm branches?

Yes, it can.

2. What is the size of the screen of the mobile wood crusher machine?

The normal size is 3-5mm.

3. How long does it take to ship the machine to Penang port?

It takes about 20 days.

Payment and shipping

Since the machine is within the customer’s budget, the customer pays in full directly after deciding to buy a mobile wood crusher. After receiving the payment from the customer, we directly arrange the packing and shipping of the mobile wood crusher machine in a wooden box to Penang port. During the whole process of the machine transportation, we will provide the customer with the logistics information of the machine. So the customer will not worry about the whereabouts of the mobile wood crusher.

Wooden case packing of wood crusher machine
Wooden Case Packing Of Wood Crusher Machine

What services do we provide?

  1. Professional machine information. Each of our machines has corresponding detailed parameters and characteristics. We will recommend the right machine model to our customers according to their specific needs and output requirements, etc.
  2. Timely response and answer to doubts. We have rich experience in exporting, and although we have time differences with many countries, we can reply to customers’ questions in time and help customers solve all their doubts.
  3. Customized machines. We can make mobile wood crusher to suit special needs according to customers’ demands.
  4. One year after-sales service. Within one year after the customer receives the mobile wood crusher machine, we help the customer to solve all kinds of problems encountered in using the machine.
Mobile wood crusher machine
Mobile Wood Crusher Machine