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Good news! A customer from Jordan bought a Model SL-HM500 sawdust making machine from us.

We are a professional wood machinery manufacturer. So, we produce all kinds of wood machinery. We also have a specialized wood machine website. Our customer sent us an inquiry for a wood crusher after browsing our website.

Sawdust making machine order details

We have various contact details on our website. The customer chose to contact us via WhatsApp. Our salesperson also communicated with the customer immediately. After understanding, the customer has a wood panel manufacturing plant where they use finely crushed wood chips to make various wood panels. This customer has imported machines in China before and has experience in importing. He needed to purchase a sawdust making machine this time. He required that the processed wood needed to be very fine.

Our wood shredder can process the finished product down to 1mm, which can meet the customer’s demand for fineness. Finally, according to the customer’s requirements for output, we introduced the SL-HM500 model of sawdust making machine to the customer. The customer said it met their needs.

Sawdust making machine
Sawdust Making Machine

Payment and shipping: Then we calculated the shipping cost based on the customer’s Jordan Aqaba port and sent the final full cost to the customer. The customer had no objection to the price and decided to purchase the machine and paid 70% of the cost. After receiving the advance payment, we started the work of producing the sawdust making machine. When the machine was made, the customer paid the rest of the purchase price. We then immediately prepared the sawdust-making machine for shipment.

Wooden case packing of the wood shredder machine
Wooden Case Packing Of The Wood Shredder Machine

Specifications of SL-HM500 wood shredder machine

Capacity500-600kg per hour
Feeding inlet size550*250mm
Hammers32 pcs

What questions about the wood crusher that customers interested in?

1. Is this sawdust making machine grinding wood only?

Yes, it also can grind rice straw, paper waste, and charcoal. wood chips, etc.

2. 10 to 15 days to be delivered to the shipper?

10-15days are the production time, shipping time is about 45-50days.

3. What is the fineness of the wood chips after the machine is processed?

The minimum fineness can reach 1mm.

Wood crusher machine
Wood Crusher Machine

Why do customers choose our wood crusher machine?

1. Professional response. Our salespeople know the machine very well. We will provide professional answers to every customer’s questions.

2. Timely response. No matter whether it is the day, night, or Sunday. As long as the customer has a question, we will reply in a timely manner.

3. High-quality machine. We have a professional machine development and production team. Production machine using high-quality materials, wear-resistant, durable, good working effect.

4. Recommend machines to customers according to their actual situation. We will recommend the right machine to our customers according to their required output, appearance, and finished product effect.

5. Reliable transportation partners. The transport companies we cooperate with are all trustworthy international companies. We will deliver the customer’s machine to the destination safely.

Wood crusher machine
Wood Crusher Machine