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The wood shredder is a professional machine for processing complete wood into different sizes of wood chips. The machine contains a knife plate, blades, hammer blades, and screens inside. The processed material will be discharged from the bottom of the machine. We produce different models of wood shredders. And they have different outputs and can produce different sizes of wood chips. We can also add high shelves and wheels on the wood shredder for our customers, which makes it easy for them to move the machine.

Reasons for decline in wood shredder output

There are roughly two reasons why the processing capacity of wood processing customers is much less than before. On the one hand, the wood shredder has been in use for a long time and has not been maintained and serviced in a timely manner. On the other hand, wood shredder may be because of improper operation and machine blade wear is very strong. For this tricky problem, Shuliy Machinery factory briefly put forward some solutions for you. However, for the wood crusher in the process of use, reasonable maintenance is also one of the essential issues.

Wood crusher machines hammer
Wood Crusher Machines Hammer

Specific causes and solutions of the wood shredder

1. Sudden drop in the output of the wood crusher.

Reason: One is because the feeding stops or decreases. The other is because the conveying pipe is blocked.

The solution is: To check and adjust the feeding speed to achieve uniform feeding. Or stop to check and exclude the blocked part of the pipe, and then clean it to solve the problem.

2. Wood crusher output gradually decreases.

Cause: It may be an increase in the clearance of important working parts.

Solution: First adjust the wood mill host screen gear gap, and then adjust the induced draft fan air volume.

3. Wood crusher equipment output dropped significantly.

Reason: This may be because the wood crusher tool wear is relatively strong.

Solution: This will require regrinding the tool or replacing it with a new one.

Wood shredder
Wood Shredder

Wood crusher maintenance methods

1, often use the machine, for maintenance is particularly important.

2, should make an inspection plan, timely troubleshooting the machine, and the machine clean up. At the end of each day’s processing, check each part of the screw that has not loosened and the wear and tear of the tooth claw, screen, and other wearing parts.

3, Frequent grease filling. We need to add lubricating oil to the bearings of the machine in time so that our machine can keep running smoothly.

4, the number and frequency of processing can see in the manual, the specific application can be determined according to the amount of daily production.

5, carefully select the raw materials to be crushed. It is strictly prohibited to mix copper, iron, lead, and other metal parts and larger stones and other debris into the crushing chamber.

6, for the speed of the machine, do not arbitrarily adjust, generally allowed to differ from the rated speed of 7%-9%.

Sawdust making machine
Sawdust Making Machine