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A customer from Indonesia purchased a vertical lumber mill saw from us. This machine can process complete logs into wooden boards. The treated boards can be used to make various products such as boat building, making furniture, houses, handicrafts, etc. And vertical lumber mills are used in almost every country because wood is necessary for people’s daily lives. Our vertical lumber mill saw has been exported to many countries, such as Switzerland, France, Israel, Nigeria, Austria, Monaco, and many others. Due to the high quality, stable operation, good working effect, and long service life of the machines, they are loved by many customers. And the wood cutting saw machines are also good tools for users.

Process for customers to purchase a vertical lumber mill saw

First, send the email to us

Some time ago a customer urgently needed a vertical lumber mill saw to expedite an order he had received to process wood. By browsing our wood machine website, he decided to contact us. So he communicated with us about the machine via WhatsApp.

Why did the customer need the wood saw machine urgently?

This Indonesian customer has a professional shipyard. A large amount of wood is processed every day. The customer also bought a sawmill from China, but they only produced horizontal type. Some time ago, the customer received an order to make 40 wooden boats, so he needed several vertical lumber mills urgently. Since the efficiency of the vertical lumber mill saw is higher, the customer only wanted to buy the vertical sawmill. Then the customer sent us an inquiry after browsing our website.

Vertical lumber mill saw
Vertical Lumber Mill Saw

Communicated process

Our salesperson first provided the customer with pictures and videos of the vertical lumber mill saw. Then we asked the customer about the size of the log to be processed. Then we recommended two models of machine SL-3212B and SL-3110B vertical lumber mill saw according to the size of the logs. And we provided the parameters of the two machines. And finally, the customer decided on the SL-3212B model vertical saw. Then we confirmed with the customer about the voltage of the vertical lumber mill saw and the destination port.

Payment and shipping

Finally, we provide a link to Alibaba payments to our customers. The customer can pay directly through the link. Next, we arrange the production and shipping of the vertical lumber mill saw.

SL-3212B technical parameters of the mobile timber sawmill

Model       SL-3212B
Saw wheel diameter1250mm
Maximum saw wood diameter1200mm
Saw blade dimension( L*W*H)8300*150*1.25mm
Model      SL-3110B
Saw wheel diameter1070mm
Maximum saw wood diameter1000mm
Saw blade dimension( L*W*H)7400*125*1.05mm
mobile timber saw mill’s parameter

What are the questions about the vertical lumber mill in communication?

1. We deal with wood with a diameter of 40 – 60 cm, and also with wood over 100 cm. Which type of machine do you recommend?

One vertical lumber mill saw is not sufficient for all log diameters. In order to achieve good sawing results, we recommend you to use two models SL-3212B and SL-3110B.

2. Can I use CIF Jakarta?

Yes, of course, we will check the sea freight for you.

3. What is the material of the timber mills blade?

I want to buy an extra 50 blades saw. Our saw blades are made of alloy, which is durable and long-lasting.

4. What is the length of the track that goes with the vertical lumber mill saw machine?

Our track is 18 meters, and they are equipped with an electric control box; PLC control, and an automatic swing device, which is very easy to operate and use.

Vertical lumber mill
Vertical Lumber Mill

What services do we offer?

  1. Professional recommendation. We will recommend the right vertical lumber mill saw and model according to the specific needs of the customer. Or we will recommend multiple models considering a combination of factors, and customers can choose according to their needs.
  2. Professional answers. We have full knowledge of the machines and can answer any questions from customers.
  3. High-quality machines. We, as a professional wood machinery manufacturer, will use professional materials to make the machines.
  4. One year after-sales service. We will help our customers to solve any problems they encounter when using the machine within one year of their purchase.
Vertical lumber mill saw
Vertical Lumber Mill Saw