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Something to celebrate! Last week a customer from Monaco placed an order for a timber sawmill machine from us. We produce a total of three types of sawmill machines. Each type of sawmill has a different form, working method, and output. They are timber sawmill machines, vertical sawmills, and horizontal log sawmills. They each have their own characteristics and we will recommend the right type of machine according to the specific needs of our customers.

Details of this timber sawmill machine order

How does a customer send an inquiry for a log sawmill?

The customer needs a log sawmill, so he searches and browses online. Finally, the customer went to our website and saw that there was a description of the sawmill. The customer was interested in the wood saw machine and contacted us through contacting us at the top of the website.

Process of communication about the sawmill machine

We received the inquiry from the customer and immediately sent the customer pictures and videos of the timber sawmill machine. After the communication we learned that the customer is using the machine himself, he has a sawmill. After processing the logs, he sells them directly. In order to determine the right sawing machine model, our sales manager confirmed the diameter and length of the logs handled by the customer. Then the customer was recommended the SL-500 model sawmill machine. The customer confirmed that the machine also met his needs. We then confirmed the destination port to the customer.

Timber sawmill machine
Timber Sawmill Machine

Payment and shipping of the timber sawmill machine

After all shipping information was confirmed, the customer paid a 50% deposit. And 50% balance before delivery. After receiving the deposit we started to build the timber sawmill machine and then arranged the shipping. We send pictures and videos of the sawmill to the customer before and after it is packed. And we will keep you updated with the shipping status of the sawmill.

Technical parameters of the wood saw machine

Dimension4*1.6*1.6 mm
Feeding diameter0-50 cm
Feeding wood length0-200 cm
Feedingmanual feeding
Weight600 kg
Package size2.1*1.7*1.9m
wood saw machine’s parameter
Wood saw mill machine
Wood Saw Mill Machine

About wood saw machine customer concerns

1. The sliding frame is separated from the main machine or not?

Can be separated for shipping.

2. Can this timber sawmill machine handle logs of 50cm in diameter and 160cm in length?

Of course, don’t worry, I recommend the most suitable model for you.

3. Can I use this timber sawmill machine for 4cm and 8cm thickness boards?

Yes, of course, you can. The thickness of the sawmill is adjustable, so you can adjust it according to your needs.

4. How does the machine catch the wood?

The machine uses a pneumatic device to fix the wood.

Finished pallet of  the wood saw machine
Finished Pallet Of The Wood Saw Machine

Customer’s feedback

After some time, the customer received the SL-500 model wood sawmill machine. The customer was satisfied with the machine. Then he started to use the machine and after two days of using it, the customer said that the timber sawmill machine performed well and met his expectation of the sawmill he wanted. We are also very happy to receive the customer’s satisfied feedback. We will produce more high-quality and durable wood machines that work well to bring convenience and more benefits to our customers.