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Wood shaving mills are nowadays very common wood process machines. Many wood processing yards will have a surplus or waste wood. With a wood shaving machine, this wood can be processed into soft shavings.

The finished shavings can then be reused to make various furniture, biofuel, and nesting material. This not only brings economic profit to people but also enables waste to be reused. Here is an introduction to the range of applications for wood shavings mills and shavings.

The range of applications for wood shaving mills

The range of applications of wood shaving mills is relatively wide. The device can handle logs, sticks, branches (twigs), board edges, and various edges processed into shavings. Regarding the type of wood, it can be birch, pine, paulownia, poplar, etc. The volume of shavings can be large or small, thick or thin, and highly adjustable. At the same time, the shavings mill has a high output, good quality, no dust, no thorns, and a long service life.

Wood shaving mill's application
Wood Shaving Mill’S Application

The application range of shavings

We all know that shavings are a thin, soft, rolled wood material. Now with the continuous improvement of technology, people are able to make full use of shavings. Some people even specialize in producing shavings for various applications. The wood shaving mills produced by Shuliy are regular, soft, and adjustable in thickness and are the ideal shavings manufacturing equipment.


The usage of shavings

  1. Particle board (plywood). Furniture manufacturing is often used, and furniture manufacturing plants can use the shavings machine to make shavings to facilitate production.
  2. The raw material of the wood pulp paper.
  3. Logistics transportation, in some fragile products, adds shavings as filler to prevent damage.
  4. Animal nesting. Many animals need shavings to nest for example mice, guinea pigs, birds, hamsters, chicken farms, horse farms, rabbits, etc. The shavings are warm, absorbent, and odor-removing. Different sizes of animals require different thicknesses of shavings.
  5. Raw material for bioenergy. The shavings can be made into wood pellets or burned directly.
  6. Base fertilizer for flowers. One can also use shavings as a fertilizer for flowers and plants to avoid caking of the soil.

Shuliy is a professional manufacturer of wood machinery

We produce a wide range of wood processing machinery, such as sawmills, wood chippers, wood shredders, wood shaving mills, wood peelers, wood pellet machines, and so on. We have exported to many countries and have rich export experience. And we have received good comments from customers in different countries. If you have any needs please contact us.

Wood shaving machine
Wood Shaving Machine