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Good news! Our log peeler machine was shipped to Indonesia. In order to be able to peel wood efficiently, this customer needed a large wood barking machine. The machine can handle a wide range of wood and can be of various shapes. In addition, we also produce vertical wood peeling machines.

The process of purchasing a log peeler machine for the customer

Customers enter our wood machine website and call us directly after browsing us. After receiving the call we immediately add the customer’s WhatsApp and communicate with the customer. First, we confirmed to the customer the size of the wood to be processed. Then we answered the customer’s questions about the length, width, and height of the horizontal wood peeling machine. After that, the parameters of the machine were sent to the customer. The customer needs the price and shipping cost of the log peeler machine. So, we send the customer horizontal wood peeling machine PI. the customer can pay the deposit next week after reading.

Log peeler machine
Log Peeler Machine

Payment and shipping of horizontal wood peeling machine

The customer paid a 30% deposit and we received the deposit to start making the wood peeling machine. Then the wood peeler was made and we informed the customer to accept it. Then the customer paid the final payment. We transported the wood peeler machine to the customer’s freight forwarder in Qingdao port.

Horizontal wood peeling machine
Horizontal Wood Peeling Machine

Why does the customer buy our timber log peeler?

  1. High quality of the timber log peeler. The thickness of our internal bearing is 1cm, and the bearing is bigger than the ordinary one. Meanwhile, the material of our machine is 14 gauge steel, not the common 12 gauge steel in the market. Therefore our machine is more durable.
  2. The price of a horizontal wood peeling machine is affordable. The price of our machines is directly proportional to the quality, the price of the machine is affordable. And customers can be assured that the purchase.
  3. Provide suitable advice to customers. The customer just wants to transport the log peeler machine to Shanghai port. And by comparing the freight, we suggest the customer to Qingdao port.
  4. One year after-sales service. We provide a one-year after-sales service for all machines.
Timber log peeler
Timber Log Peeler