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A wood shredder chipper is a piece of equipment used in many wood processing plants. The machine can process logs, branches, miscellaneous wood, and boards into sawdust. The wood shredder we produce has a small footprint, stable operation, durability, and less frequent maintenance. The final sawdust products can be used to make sawn boards, edible fungus production, wood pellets, etc.

Wood crushing machine
Wood Crushing Machine

How to increase the output of the wood shredder chipper?

  1. Wood should be dried as much as possible. Wood with too much moisture content directly affects the crushing efficiency of the crusher.
  2. The wood should be pure and free of impurities such as iron and stones, otherwise, it will cause certain damage to the blades of the sawdust grinder, hammers, and drying nets. The blade is damaged, which will affect the working efficiency of the machine.
  3. Too much material is fed, and the crushing chamber is blocked. In this case, we should stop feeding and wait for the return to normal state before feeding.
  4. The sieve holes are blocked, and the materials in the crushing chamber cannot be discharged outside. We should suspend the work of the wood shredder chipper and clean the machine screen.
  5. The discharge pipe is not smooth or the feed is too fast, which will block the tuyere of the sawdust grinder. Shut down the machine, check the inside of the discharge tube, and unclog the tube.

The above are the reasons for the decline in the output of common wood shredders. If you have any other questions please contact us.

Wood shredder chipper
Wood Shredder Chipper

Shuliy’s wood sawdust making machine

  1. There are many models of wood shredder chippers we produce, and the output of different models is different. It can meet various needs of customers for output.
  2. The frame and blades of Shuli’s wood shredder are made of the highest quality materials. The machine is easy to use and more durable.
  3. We have rich export experience. We can help customers solve most of the problems encountered in purchasing machines.
  4. We provide customers with one year of after-sales service.
Wood sawdust making machine
Wood Sawdust Making Machine