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The wood chipping machine can process the wood into regular and neat wood chips. And the final finished wood chips can be used to make paper and various kinds of boards. Many wood processing plants use wood chippers.
Although the operation of a wood chipper is simple, we should pay attention to the proper use to avoid various losses caused by improper operation.

Key points of using an electric wood chipping machine

1. Wood chipper at work, the operator should avoid the tangential direction of the hammer blade rotation. Not allowed to wear gloves to feed. Hands should not go beyond the safety line, and it is strictly forbidden to use iron and sticks instead of hands to feed.

2. The wood chipping machine and power unit should be installed firmly. If the chipper is fixed for a long time, the machine should be fixed on a concrete flat foundation. If the wood chipper is working fluidly, the unit should be installed on a base made of angle iron. And make sure that the power (diesel engine or electric motor) and the pulley groove of the wood chipper are in the same rotary plane.

3. After the installation of the wood chipping machine is completed, check the fastening of all parts. If you find signs of looseness should be tightened. At the same time, the belt should be overhauled to see if the belt tightness is suitable.

4. Before starting the wood chipping machine, rotate the rotor by hand. At the same time, check whether the tooth claw, hammer blade, and rotor movement are convenient and reliable. There is no collision phenomenon in the shell. The direction of rotation of the rotor is consistent with the direction of the machine arrow. Then check whether the power machine and wood chipper are well lubricated.

Wood chips made by wood chipping machine
Wood Chips Made By Wood Chipping Machine

Normal maintenance of chips making machine

The wood chipping machine should clean the bearings after every 300 hours of work. If the bearings are lubricated with oil, add new oil to fill 1/3 of the bearing housing gap, not more than 1/2. Before the operation, simply tighten the oil cup cover a little. When the wood chipper bearings are seriously worn or damaged, they should be replaced in time and attention should be paid to strengthening lubrication. If you use tapered roller bearings, you should pay attention to checking the axial spacing of the bearings to keep them as 0.2-0.4 mm.

Wood chipping machine's screen
Wood Chipping Machine’S Screen