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Congratulation! A customer from the Maldives has purchased a wood chipping machine from us.

Our wood chipper is always a best seller. We produce both drum wood chippers and regular wood chippers. This time the customer bought a normal wood chipper. About the machine, we have different models and the customer chose the model chipper. The chipper is wear-resistant, works well, and has high efficiency. It is essential equipment for the wood processing plant.

Wood chipper order details

How did the customer reach us?

Our wood chipper website has many contact details such as email, WhatsApp, mobile, and WeChat in the navigation bar on the home page and at the bottom. After reading our website, the customer sent us an inquiry for a wood chipper via WhatsApp. Our sales manager received it and immediately communicated with the customer.

The communication process with the customer

Our sales manager first sent the pictures and video of the machine to the customer. Then he confirmed with the customer the production capacity he needed. The customer was not sure what the specific output should be. So our sales manager provided all the models of the wood chipper to the customer. After looking at the machine, the customer said that the SL600 model met their needs. The customer owns a company that specializes in the production of wood chips. They will sell processed wood chips directly. In recent times, due to the breakdown of the previous machine, the customer urgently needed a wood chipper in order not to delay the production schedule.

Commercial wood chipping machine
Commercial Wood Chipping Machine

Payment and shipping of the commercial wood chipping machine

One week after confirming the purchase of the SL600 wood chipper, the customer paid in full. Since we had the wood chipper in stock, we shipped the machine to Qingdao port immediately after we received the payment from the customer. The machine was handed over to the customer’s freight forwarder upon arrival in Qingdao.

Detailed specifications of SL600 wood chipping machine

Pacakge size1500*570*1050mm
Feeding inlet size180*150mm

What’s the customer’s concern about the wood chipper?

1. What’s the crushing size of this machine?
1-2 cm of the wood chip.

2. What is the output of a wood chipper?
The small capacity is about 500 kg /h. The output of the SL600 model wood chipper is 1500-2000 kg /h.

3. The quoted machine with the electric motor right?
Yes, with the electric motor. And our voltage is 380v, 50hz, 3phase.

4. How long does it take from your factory to Qingdao port?
3-5 days.

Wood chipping machine
Wood Chipping Machine

What reasons for customers buy the wood chipper machine from Shuliy?

  1. Provide customers with detailed information about the machine. We will provide pictures and videos of the corresponding products in time. When the customer is not sure about the output he needs, we will send all the parameters of the model to the customer, so that the customer can choose the model.
  2. Real machine information. We will give the customer relevant information according to the actual situation of the machine. For example, the size of the wood chips, the output of the machine, and the application materials of the machine.
  3. High-quality machine. We have more than 20 years of experience as a professional wood machinery manufacturer. No matter the material or power of the machine is in the high-quality range.
  4. Timely response and considerate service. No matter when and where we are we will answer our customers in time and answer their questions. We will provide 1 year of after-sales service so that customers can use the peace of mind.
Wood chipper machine 1 1
Wood Chipper Machine