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Last week a customer from Spain bought a log debarker machine from us. This wood peeling machine can handle wood with a diameter of 10-35 cm. We will recommend the right wood debarker machine according to the customer’s specific needs!

Log debarker machine customer background

The customer is from Spain and he is an agent who bought debarker for the sawmills for others. Recently he received a case about a wood debarker machine. So the customer sent us an inquiry for a wood peeling machine.

Log debarker machine
Log Debarker Machine

What wood that the log peeler customer handles?

The customer uses the debarking machine mainly for processing pine wood.

Pine wood processed by log peeler
Pine Wood Processed By Log Peeler

Communication process with the customer of the best log debarker

  1. After receiving the customer’s inquiry, we immediately communicate with the customer about the log debarker machine. We first introduced to the customer several different models of wood peeling machines.
  2. Then we asked the customer what is the general diameter of their wood, the customer said most of the wood is 35 cm!
  3. The customer after choosing to buy the model 370 wood peeling machine.
  4. The customer paid the deposit first, and we started to prepare the log debarker machine!
Best log debarker
Best Log Debarker

CE certificate of log peeler debarker

During the communication with the customer, we found that the customer also needed a CE certificate. As an experienced supplier, we have professional experience in producing CE certificates for our customers. We will work with our customers to ensure that they receive a certificate that meets the relevant standards and makes their equipment compliant and reliable for use and export.

Log peeler debarker
Log Peeler Debarker

Parameters of debarker for the sawmill

Voltage380v, 50 Hz, 3 phases
Suitable for the diameter of the wood trunk10-35 cm
Size2,3*1,25*1,9 m