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We produce various types of sawmill machines, automatic sawmill machines, vertical sawmills, and horizontal bandsaw mills. Each sawmill has its own features and functions. A customer from Indonesia bought a WD-2500 horizontal sawmill from us. What’s more, we also produce wood crushing machines.

Horizontal bandsaw mill in Malaysia

The customer from Malaysia works in a sawmill that needs a horizontal sawmill to process logs. Since the horizontal sawmill can handle longer and larger diameter logs, this feature met the customer’s needs for a sawmill.

Horizontal bandsaw mill
Horizontal Bandsaw Mill

The customer’s purchase process of the horizontal portable sawmill

The customer sent a message to our WhatsApp saying that he was interested in a horizontal bandsaw mill. We sent a picture and video of the horizontal sawmill directly to the customer. The customer wanted to see the factory with us via video, so we gave the customer a tour of our factory by video. Later we confirmed with the customer the length and diameter of the logs that need to be processed on a daily basis. Therefore, we recommended the WD-2500 horizontal sawmill as a good fit. The customer and the owner decided to purchase the machine after a discussion.

Horizontal portable sawmill
Horizontal Portable Sawmill

Payment and shipping of the log saw mill machine

The customer paid us through the bank, and after that, we prepared to make the machine. When the horizontal sawmill is finished, we send the video of the machine to the customer. Then the wooden box is packed and shipped.

Parameters of WD-2500 horizontal sawmill for sale

Saw wheel diameter1000mm1070mm
Max sawing wood diameter1500mm2500mm
Motor power37KW55KW
Sawing thickness setting350mm450mm
Max sawing wood length6000mm6000mm

Why do customers buy our portable horizontal band sawmill?

  1. The horizontal bandsaw mill has high working efficiency. A horizontal sawmill can handle bigger-diameter wood. And people can adjust the thickness of the template.
  2. The long service life of the machine. Every part of our sawmill is made of high-quality material, which is durable and wearable.
  3. The structure of the sawmill is simple, flexible, and convenient to operate.
Portable horizontal band sawmill
Portable Horizontal Band Sawmill