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Many wood processing plants are now using electric wood chippers. Whether it is a wood shredder or other wood processing equipment, such as wood planers, sawmills, wood peelers, etc., it requires daily maintenance. In this way, the equipment can be used for a longer period of time.

Wood sawdust
Wood Sawdust

Maintenance methods during the use of electric wood chipper:

  1. If you use the electric wood chipper frequently, you should also maintain the machine frequently. The user should make an inspection plan, check the condition of the device in time, and clean the machine. After processing every day, check whether the screws in each part are loose and whether the wearing parts such as claws and sieves are worn.
  2. Add grease frequently. It is mainly on the bearings of the wood crusher to increase the lubrication and keep the machine running smoothly. The number and frequency of processing can be referred to in the manual, and the specific application can be determined according to the amount of daily production.
  3. We should carefully clean the raw materials to be crushed. And it is strictly forbidden to mix metal parts such as copper, iron, lead, large stones, and other sundries into the crushing chamber.
  4. Do not adjust the speed of the electric wood chipper arbitrarily during use. Generally, the difference between the rated speed and the rated speed is 7%-9%.

Reasons and solutions for why the output of wood shredders has declined

  1. Reason: Feeding stops or decreases. Solution: Check and adjust the feeding speed to achieve uniform feeding.
  2. Reason: The delivery pipe is blocked. Solution: stop the machine from checking and removing the pipeline’s clogged part, then clean it up.
  3. Reason: The gap between significant working parts increases. Solution: First adjust the screen gap of the main machine of the wood flour machine, and then adjust the air volume of the induced draft fan.
  4. Reason: The tool wear of the wood crusher is relatively severe. Solution: This way, the tool needs to be re-sharpened or replaced with a new one.