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Great news! Rwanda customer has chosen our biomass pellet machine, which includes the sawdust pellet machine and wood crusher. These two machines work together to efficiently produce sawdust pellets!

Reason for the customer purchase the biomass pellet machine?

The customer did not specify the reason for expanding their business. However, they want to make better use of waste wood, which led them to inquire about the wood crusher and sawdust pellet machine from us.

Why did the customer choose our equipment?

1. We are committed to providing customers with high-quality services and equipment. We are pleased to assist customers from Rwanda in achieving their goal of producing sawdust pellets.

2. Our equipment is efficient and of high quality. Both machines are carefully designed and manufactured to ensure maximum efficiency and longevity and can meet various customer needs.

3. Our packaging and transportation are of high quality. Each piece of equipment is packaged in wooden boxes to ensure that the equipment is not damaged during transportation. Before shipping, our professional team carefully inspects each piece of equipment and provides complete packaging and transportation services.

4. We respond quickly and actively solve problems. We will promptly reply to any questions from customers and help them make the right decisions.

Technical parameters of the sawdust pellet machine

Electric wood chipperModel: SL-420
Power:5 .5kw
Blade number:4pcs
Rotating Speed 3500r/min
Biomass pellet machineModel: SL-300
Capacity: 250kg/h
Size: 1350* 700* 1200mm
Power:18.5kw 380v 50hz 3p
Spare parts1. Extra blade for crusher
2. Mesh for crusher 
3. Pellet plate
4. Roller
sawdust pellet machine’s parameter

In addition to biomass pellet machines and wood shredders, we produce a series of wood-related equipment, such as wood debarker, wood shavings machines, wood chippers, etc. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact our sales team, and we will reply to you promptly and provide assistance.