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The customer bought an SL-WC600 wood shaving making machine with 8 sets of blades from us. This model of wood chipper has a capacity of 800-1000kg per hour, we also have a more significant capacity chipper. Besides wood shaving making machines, we also have various wood machines such as wood crushers, wood peeling machines, etc.

Customer’s reasons for purchasing the wood shaving making machine

The customer is specialized in making shavings for horse nesting. Recently, he needed a new wood shaving making machine to replace an old one. Therefore, he sent us an inquiry.

Wood shaving making machine
Wood Shaving Making Machine

The process of purchasing the wood shaving maker

After we received the inquiry from the customer. And, we confirmed with the customer the raw material to be processed and the production capacity. At first, the customer needed a wood shaving maker with an output of 3 tons per hour. Later, since the power did not meet the customer’s needs, it was decided to change to the SL-WC600 model disk wood shaving machine.

After that, we provided the PI to the customer. And confirm the port of destination with the customer. Later on, the customer added 8 sets of blades.

Wood shaving maker
Wood Shaving Maker

Payment and shipping of the wood shaver for sale

The customer paid a 50% deposit in advance. As there was a stock we immediately let the customer check the equipment after receiving the deposit. Then the wood shaving making machine was packed and shipped in a wooden box.

What points do customers care more about during the purchase process?

  1. Is the thickness of the shavings adjustable? Yes, you only need to adjust the angle of the blade to make the different thicknesses of shavings.
  2. How much is the motor rpm? The motor is 1400rpm/min.
  3. How many days need a delivery time? We have stock in stock and can arrange delivery immediately after payment.
  4. Can you offer a discount? We are the factory that offers the lowest price of machines in the Chinese market. The quality of our machines is directly proportional to the price.
Wood shaver for sale
Wood Shaver For Sale

Why do customers choose our wood shaving machine?

  1. High quality of the machine. As a professional wood machinery manufacturer, all of our machines are made of high-quality materials. The machine is wear-resistant and has a long service life.
  2. High-quality service. We have rich experience in exporting. We will reply to any questions from customers timely and patient. We also provide customers with a variety of machine information.
  3. One year after-sales service. After placing the order, we will provide lifelong online guidance services. Other malfunctions which are caused by operation mistakes, man-made problems, etc will be responsible for customers. Other malfunctions which are caused by operation mistakes, man-made problems, etc will be responsible for clients-self.
Wood shaving machine
Wood Shaving Machine