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Our vertical industrial log debarker machine is available in three models, each handling different diameters of wood. The customer purchased two SL-250 vertical wood peeling machines from us. This model of wood peeler can handle wood with a diameter of 5-25 cm. And the customer’s wood diameter is 10cm-20cm. Therefore, it is in line with the needs of customers.

Why do customers buy industrial log debarker?

The client works in a wood treatment plant that strips the wood for pre-treatment. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase a wood peeling machine.

Industrial log debarker machine
Industrial Log Debarker Machine

What is the process for customers to purchase timber log peelers?

Clients contact us directly via WhatsApp. Our sales managers communicate with customers immediately. Firstly, we sent the working video of the vertical wood peeling machine to the customer. And then confirmed the diameter of the wood to be processed with the customer.

Since the diameter is 10cm-20cm, our SL-250 vertical wood skinning machine meets the needs of customers. Therefore, the parameters and PI of this type of machine are provided to the customer. Since the blade is a wearing part of the machine, the customer needs another 4 blades.

Mobile log debarker
Mobile Log Debarker

Payment and shipping of log debarker machine

The customer is paying in euros through the bank. After we receive the customer’s payment, we will prepare the machine for the customer immediately. Before packing in a wooden case, we will let customers see the machine first. After that, the wooden box packaging and transportation will start. And we need to transport the machine to the port of Rijeka, Croatia.

Why do customers choose our plywood peeling machine?

  1. The industrial log debarker is affordable. We are a wood manufacturer, the price of the machine is very affordable, and the quality of the machine is also high.
  2. The wood log peeling machine is of high quality. Our vertical wood peeling machine has high working efficiency, simple structure, and long service life, and has been favored by customers from many countries.
  3. We will provide customers with comprehensive services. We will recommend the appropriate machine model according to the specific needs of customers. At the same time, convenient payment methods will be provided. The industrial log debarker will be packed in a firm wooden case. And update the logistics information of the machine in time.
  4. CE certificate. If the customer needs it, we will provide a CE certificate to the customer.