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The diesel powered wood chipper manufactured by Shuliy is one of the best-selling machines in our wood machinery. The wood chipper is powerful enough to produce regular wood chips. The blades inside the machine are made of good material and are very durable. We have different models of wood chipping machines. We will recommend the right model according to the output you need. This Australian customer bought a WD-1000 wood chipper.

Why did the Australian customer want to buy a diesel powered wood chipper?

The customer is currently specializing in wood chips and mulch and sawdust. And recently he wanted to produce small wood chips for use in playgrounds. So he was looking for a suitable wood chipper.

Diesel powered wood chipper
Diesel Powered Wood Chipper

The customer’s process of purchasing a wood chipping machine

The customer contacted us through our Facebook post on chips making machine. After receiving the customer’s inquiry, our sales manager Beco sent the customer pictures and videos of the machine right away. We then confirmed the raw material to be processed, the size of the finished product, and the output. According to the customer’s reply: timber is up to 10cm and has a capacity of 5 tonnes per hour. In addition, since the customer’s workplace has no electricity, we recommended a wood chipper with wheels and diesel power. We sent a video of the diesel powered wood chipper in action and the customer decided to buy a wood chipper.

Wood chips making machine
Wood Chips Making Machine

The manual operation of the wood chips making machine

The operation of the diesel powered wood chipper is very simple.

  1. First of all, the user needs to turn on the diesel powered wood chipper.
  2. Put the raw material into the feeding inlet.
  3. Then the material will through the blade be crushed then become wood chips.

Why do customers buy our commercial wood chipping machine?

  1. Our diesel powered wood chipper has various sizes of finished products. So it can meet the different needs of customers.
  2. The wood chipper can be equipped with an electric motor or diesel engine. Customers don’t need to worry about the power problem.
  3. There are many models of machines with different outputs. Meet the customer’s demand for output.
  4. The wood chipper is sold to many countries, and the quality of the machine is high and trustworthy. Customers are assured of our machines.
Diesel powered wood chipper
Diesel Powered Wood Chipper