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Good news, one set of our SL-WC500 wood shredder machine for sale was sold to the UK this month. This model has a capacity of 500-600kg per hour. Our wood shredders are of good quality and shred well, making them the first choice for many customers.

The customer’s reasons for buying the wood shredder machine for sale

The customer was preparing for his own use and had a site dedicated to wood processing himself.

The customer’s specific needs for a small wood crusher machine

The customer sent us an inquiry just for an output of 500kg/h of the small wood crusher machine.

Small wood crusher machine
Small Wood Crusher Machine

What are the needs that the SL-WC500 sawdust making machine can meet?

  1. First of all the customer’s requirement for an output of 500 kg/h was met.
  2. The minimum size of the wood chips is 2-3mm, the customer can also make different sizes of wood chips by changing the screen with different mesh. The latter determines the customer’s need for 3mm and 5mm finished wood chips.
  3. The inlet size of the wood chip shredder is 200*180mm. changing the size can meet the diameter of the wood handled by the customer.
Sawdust making machine's screen
Sawdust Making Machine’S Screen

What are the questions about the wood crusher customers are concerned about?

1. Why are our machines more expensive?

But each factory has different requirements and standards for machines. Our wood shredder machine for sale are priced on the guarantee of machine quality.

2. How many kg is sawdust is expected before a blade change is necessary?

The blade can be used for 1-2 months and is made of 65 # manganese steel.

3. What is your after-sales service?

We can also provide long-term accessories for customers, and there will be no situation where the seller cannot be contacted after purchasing the wood shredder machine for sale.

4. How long does it take for the machine to ship to the UK?

It takes about 24 days.

Wood crusher
Wood Crusher

Parameters of the SL-WC500 wood shredder chipper

Hourse power32HP
Feeding inlet size180*160mm
Machine size2100*600*750mm
wood shredder chipper’s parameter