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At the end of last month, our company successfully sent a wood chipper shredder to a customer from Nigeria. We have stock in our factory, which greatly shortened the waiting time of the customer, and used the machine in a very short time, both parties are very satisfied with this transaction.

Customer’s background introduction

This customer has recently started a new wood processing business and plans to start with a small production run for testing purposes. As a novice in this field for the first time, he wished to purchase the machine for experimentation and was ready to crush pine wood as raw material.

Wood chipper shredder information

From the customer’s description, the machine model we recommended to the customer is SL-600, which can produce up to 1500-3000Kg/h and can meet the customer’s small batch production needs. The performance and specification of the machine can ensure efficient and precise crushing of pine wood and other raw materials. Additional information about the machine is shown below:

  • Power:15kw
  • Blades:6pcs
  • Speed:2600r/min
  • Package Size: 1600*600*1200mm

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The customer wanted a process that would allow them to understand the flow and efficiency of wood processing and to test its feasibility and benefits in a small-scale pilot phase, laying the groundwork for future expansion.

Our company has been engaged in wood processing machinery manufacturing for many years and has a wealth of experience, our machines have been shipped to more than 30 countries such as the Philippines, Tanzania, Pakistan, Uganda, Russia, Morocco, Kenya, Botswana, and so on. If you are engaged in the wood processing industry, then please browse this website and feel free to contact us, we provide you with quality products and services.