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A customer from South Korea bought two sets of WD-600 wood shredder chippers from us. Regarding the wood shredder, we have a total of six models. And the output of different models of machines is different. The output of the WD-600 wood shredder is 1500-2000KG/H. There are also lower-yield and higher-volume models. In addition, we also produce larger comprehensive pallet crushers.

Reasons for customers to buy wood shredder chippers

The client is a purchaser of a wood processing plant. At this stage, customers urgently need to timber shredders to remove some waste wood. So send us an inquiry.

Wood shredder chippers
Wood Shredder Chippers

What do customers pay more attention to about industrial tree shredders?

  1. The service life of the blade of the wood shredder chipper. Our blades are high quality and last longer than average blades. But we suggest that customers can buy an extra set of blades.
  2. What is the fineness of the finished sawdust? The wood shredder purchased by the customer has a screen inside, and the screen with different mesh sizes will produce wood chips of different fineness.
  3. What is the power of the wood-crushing machine? Our machines can be equipped with electric motors and diesel engines. Customers can choose according to their needs.
Industrial tree shredders
Industrial Tree Shredders

What are the benefits for customers to choose our waste wood shredder?

  1. We will provide customers with a one-year after-sales service. Customers can contact us if they have any questions, and we will actively solve them.
  2. Comprehensive service. From introducing the wood shredder chippers to the customer to the packaging and transportation of the machine, we will provide professional solutions and timely information.
  3. High-quality wood shredder chippers with stable operation, long service life, and fewer maintenance times.
Waste wood shredder
Waste Wood Shredder