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It is worth being happy that a customer ordered a round wood peeling machine to Bulgaria.

The round wood peeling machine can peel all kinds of logs. And the wetter the wood is, the better the barking effect. The diameter of the treated wood can be large or small, and the range of use is wide. The use of wood is essential for people nowadays. Therefore, there is a great demand for machines that process wood. Shuliy, as a professional manufacturer of wood recycling machinery, produces a variety of professional wood processing equipment. The wood peeling machine is one of the highest selling products. Also, the wood saw mill machine is well sold.

Round wood peeling machine
Round Wood Peeling Machine

Where do the wood debarker machine customers come from?

The wood debarker machine customer is from Bulgaria. After reading about the wood peeling machine on our website, he left his contact information and indicated his need for a wood peeling machine. We saw the customer’s need and immediately asked our salesperson to contact the customer. Next, our sales staff will discuss the round wood peeling machine with the customer in detail.

Wood peeling machine order details

Through communication, we learned that the customer has a small round wood peeling machine factory. They mainly strip the acacia wood and sell the wood directly after stripping. The diameter of the wood is between 6 and 15 cm. So we recommended the SL-250 wood peeler to the customer and sent them the PI. After looking at the PI, the customer was satisfied with the machine. And he needed four additional sets of blades. So our salesman updated the PI and sent it to the customer. Then confirmed the destination port to the customer. Finally, the customer decided to buy one and paid us in Euros through the payment link.

Wood peeling machine
Wood Peeling Machine

What are the questions when negotiating a sawmill debarker?

1. Is the SL-150 model suitable for me to use?

It is not recommended to use this model of a round wood peeling machine. Because this model handles wood with a diameter of 10 cm or more, while your wood is between 6 and 15 cm in diameter. Therefore we recommend you use the SL-250 wood peeler.

2. Can I buy extra blades?

Of course, you can.

3. What is your delivery time?

5-7 working days.

4. How long does it take to ship to Bulgaria?

About 40 days.

5. Do you have a CE certificate of the round wood peeling machine?

Yes, I will send it to you if you need it.

6. Is your voltage 380v, 50hz, 3-phase?


Wood debarker machine
Wood Debarker Machine

Specific parameters of wood log peeling machine

Model    SL-250
Suitable wood diameter5-25 cm
Knife number4 pcs
Dimension2250*1250*1700 mm
Weight1.6 ton
wood log peeling machine’s parameter

What kind of round wood peeling machines do we have?

We have both vertical and horizontal wood peeling machines. There are different models of each machine. There are also differences in the raw materials handled by these two machines. Customers can choose the round wood peeling machine according to their needs. We will also recommend the right machine model according to the customer’s specific needs, such as the diameter of the material, the type of material, and the output required by the customer.