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A customer from Spain has purchased a log debarker machine for sale. The wood peeling machine can help users remove the wood skin efficiently for further processing.

Background of the customer for the wood debarker machine

We received an inquiry from a distributor in Spain. The customer requires a log debarker that can process pine wood with a diameter of 35 centimeters.

Log debarker machine for sale
Log Debarker Machine For Sale

The customer’s wood for the wood peeling machine

The logs to be processed by the customer are pine from the Pinus pinaster and Pinus radiata species.

Customer’s concerns about log debarker machine for sale

1. The transportation time from Qingdao port to Vigo port in Spain.

It is estimated to be 55 days.

    2. Is it possible to help to get a CE certificate?

    Yes, but the customer needs to pay an extra fee.

    Recommendation and choice of industrial log debarker

    According to the customer’s demand, we recommend three different models of wood debarking machines to the customer. After careful consideration, the customer chose the 370 model wood peeling machine.

    Wood peeling machine
    Wood Peeling Machine

    The cooperation plan of the customer of the debarking machine

    The customer showed high satisfaction with our products and said that once they receive the machine and use it, they will continue to buy our other products, including pine debarker, pine planer, wood crusher, and sawmill. They plan to distribute these products in Spain.

    Parameters of small log debarker

    Voltage380v, 50 Hz, 3 fases
    Suitable for wood log diameter10-35 cm
    Dimension2.3*1.25*1.9 m
    Weight1700 kg
    small log debarker technical information

    Packing of the cheap wood peeling machine

    Industrial log debarker
    Industrial Log Debarker