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Good news! A customer from Mexico bought a SL-800 compressed wood pallet machine from us. The model of our wooden pallet machine is determined according to the size of the wooden pallet required by customers. The compressed wood pallet machine is a new type, which is more convenient to use and durable. We also produce wood block making machines. They use similar ingredients.

The process of customers buying compressed wood pallet machine

  1. After we receive the customer’s inquiry, we first confirm to the customer the size of the wooden pallet. Customers need 60cm x 80cm and 120x100cm size.
  2. Then, we recommended the SL-800 compressed wood pallet machine according to the customer’s wooden pallet size.
  3. Next, we determined the style of the wooden pallet from the customer. Because I produce different models of wooden pallets. Customers can change different molds on the same machine.
  4. After all the details are confirmed, we suggest that the moderate requirement of the raw material used by the customer is less than 10%.
  5. We provide PI to the customer, and the customer ordered a wooden pallet machine.
Compressed wood pallet machine
Compressed Wood Pallet Machine

Transportation of hot press pallet making machine

After the machine is finished, we use the wooden box packing machine. Since we have to transport the compressed wood pallet machine to the port of Manzanillo, it usually takes 20-25 days.

Introduction to customers of automatic wood pallet making machine

The customer has a specialized wooden pallet manufacturer, which has been manufacturing and selling wooden pallets. Now the customer needs a new wooden pallet machine to make new size wooden pallets to expand the business. Our compressed wood pallet machines meet the needs of our customers.

Automatic wood pallet making machine
Automatic Wood Pallet Making Machine

Why do customers buy our wooden pallet hot press machine?

  1. Our wooden pallet machine is powerful. Our machines can make wooden pallets in many sizes and shapes.
  2. Comprehensive service. We can advise clients on making wooden pallets. Let customers have a better user experience and make better products.
    Work meticulously. We will confirm all machine-related information to the customer to ensure that the customer receives a satisfactory wooden pallet machine.