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Congratulations! A customer from Ecuador bought a compressed wood block making machine from us. This machine can make wood blocks of 100*90mm in size. Besides the wood block making machine, the customer also purchased a wood chipper and sawdust dryer. We have various wood machinery related to wood. Customers can choose according to their needs.

Why customer want to purchase the compressed wood block making machine?

The customer has a factory that specializes in making kiln-dried wood sawdust. In order to use the leftover wood, the customer wanted a sawdust block making machine to make wood blocks. This will save wood and will make more profit.

Compressed wood block making machine
Compressed Wood Block Making Machine

The process of purchasing a sawdust block making machine

The customer sent us a direct inquiry for a compressed wood block making machine. Immediately after receiving the message, our sales staff sent the customer pictures and videos of the machine. As we have different models of wood block making machines, we first confirmed with the customer the size of the wood blocks needed. After that, we understood that the size of 100*90mm was needed. Then we answered the customer’s questions about the output of the machine, the consumption of wood chips, and the automatic block cutter.

Since the customer also needed to dry the wood chips, we introduced the Airflow dryer and rotary dryer to the customer. And we suggested the Airflow dryer to the customer because it matched the output of wood chips produced by the customer per hour.

Sawdust block making machine
Sawdust Block Making Machine

Payment and shipping of the pallet block machine

The customer paid a 50% deposit and we started to make the compressed wood block making machine. After all the machines are made, we let the customer check the machines. Finally, the customer pays the final payment. After we received it, we started to pack and ship the customer’s pallet block machine , dryer, and wood chipper.

Why do customers choose Shuliy’s wood machinery?

  1. We can customize the machines for our customers. The size of our finished compressed wood block-making machine can be customized according to the customer’s needs.
  2. We recommend the right machine according to the actual situation of the customer. For example, we don’t recommend a rotary dryer that has higher output, but we recommend an airflow dryer that is suitable for customers.
  3. Make the layout of the machine. If the customer needs it, we will make the layout plan according to the customer’s machine size and workflow.
  4. One year after-sales service.