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Good news! A customer from Korea has purchased an SL-370 cheap wood peeling machine sold to Korea from us. This model can handle wood from 10-35cm in diameter. We have different models of wood peeling machines that can handle different diameter ranges of wood.
We will recommend the right wood debarker machine model according to the diameter of your wood and the degree of bending.

What are the services we bring to our cheap wood peeling machine customers?

  1. We will recommend the right model of the cheap wood peeling machine according to the specific raw materials of our customers.
  2. Customized equipment for you, we can change the color of the wood peeler, some components, voltage, etc. to meet the customer’s country of use standards.
  3. If you are importing from China for the first time, don’t worry, we will help you check the shipping cost and find a freight forwarder to ensure the machine can reach you smoothly.
  4. Timely update the logistics information, so you can check the wood peeling machine transportation process at any time and anywhere.
  5. Convenient and fast payment methods. A variety of payment methods to ease your financial constraints, you can pay part or full payment. And we support multiple payment channels.

We can provide more than these services in Shuliy, if you are interested in our products, please contact us now!

The background of the customer’s purchase of the portable log debarker

The customer purchased the wood peeling machine for his own use. The wood he was processing was pine logs. The diameter range of these woods is 180~250mm and the length is about 8m, so our SL-370 cheap wood peeling machine is perfect for the customer.

The customer is selling from China for the first time and we will help the customer to transport the equipment to the Busan port, the transportation time is about 25-30 days.

SL-370 wood peeling machine details

Suitable for the wood log diameter10-35cm
SL-370 wood peeling machine’s parameter

Packing and transportation of small log debarker

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