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Earlier this month, a high-output wood shredding machine completed production and was delivered to the United States, injecting new productivity into a local company specializing in packaging processing. This customer will utilize this machine to mainly process and crush large boxes, crates, and other packaging materials to promote efficient processing and recycling of packaging materials.

Customer background and needs analysis

This U.S. customer is a company that specializes in the processing and recycling of packaging materials and provides packaging waste recycling and reuse services to various industries.

With the increase in the volume of packaging waste and the emphasis on environmental protection, the customer urgently needs a comprehensive wood shredding machine that can efficiently process large packaging materials to improve recycling efficiency and reduce processing costs.

Why buy a large-capacity wood shredding machine

After market research and product comparison, the customer chose the large-capacity integrated crusher provided by our company.

This machine has the following features: high capacity, capable of processing a large amount of packaging materials; high stability, suitable for long-term operation; easy to operate and maintain; good safety, complying with the safety standards of the United States.

Why choose us

Our reasonable price and fast delivery time can meet customers’ urgent needs, and we can provide customized solutions to meet customers’ needs. In addition, we provide comprehensive customer service, including installation, commissioning, training, and after-sales maintenance.