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There are many models of wood log peeling machines manufactured by Shuliy, for example, vertical and horizontal ones. We will recommend the right model of wood peeling machine to our customers according to their specific needs. Our wood peeling machines work well, and the treated wood is clean and durable without residue. And they have been sold to many countries and supported by many customers.

Customer profile in Ukraine

This Ukrainian customer came to our website through a search and sent us an inquiry for a wood log peeling machine. As a result, our sales manager sent the customer information related to the wood peeling machine. After reading the customer expressed the need for a vertical wood debarker machine. Since there are several models of vertical best log debarker. So, we confirmed with the customer the diameter of the wood to be processed.

According to the diameter of the wood, we recommend the SL-320 small log debarker. The customer also thinks the model is suitable for him, so he decided to buy the log debarker tool.

Wood log peeling machine
Wood Log Peeling Machine

SL-320 wood log peeling machine parameters

Why do customers choose Shuliy’s mobile log debarker?

  1. Our mobile log debarker has a long service life. Our wood peeling machine is made of high-quality materials, is wear-resistant, and has stable operation.
  2. The wood log peeling machine model is complete. Our wood peeling machine can handle a variety of sizes and types of wood. Therefore, it can solve the needs of different customers.
  3. High-quality service. We will provide our customers with a lot of information about the machine for their reference. And will recommend the right machine according to the actual needs of customers.
  4. One year after-sales service. We will provide after-sales service online or offline way within one year after customers receive the wood log peeling machine.