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The sawdust hammer mill is a wood crushing machine with high output. A customer from Malaysia has purchased a wood hammer mill from us. Normally a hammer mill wood crusher is used in combination with a wood chipper to further crush the material.

Why did the customer buy the sawdust hammer mill?

  1. The customer wants to make smaller wood chips. The chip of the sawdust hammer mill is smaller than ordinary shredding products to meet the customer’s needs.
  2. The previous wood crusher was damaged and needed a new machine.
  3. The hammered blade is the high efficiency of the shredder, in line with the needs of customers.

Communicating process of purchasing a hammer mill wood crusher

  1. The customer first browsed our website for the hammer mill. Then send us an inquiry for the biomass hammer mill.
  2. After we received the message from the customer, we immediately communicate with the customer about the machine. We also send pictures, videos, and parameters of the sawdust hammer mill.
  3. The customer receives the information about the machine and then needs to discuss it with the boss.
  4. A few days later we received a message from the customer. They need to buy the WD-80 wood chip hammer mill.
  5. Then the customer pays the deposit through the link we drafted.
  6. We received the deposit and started making the hammer mill wood crusher. We send the video of the machine to the customer after the sawdust-making machine is made. Then the customer pays the final payment and we arrange the shipment.

Why do customers buy our woodcutter hammer mill?

  1. High quality of the machine. Customers from many countries say that our machines have no problems during long-term use.
  2. One year after-sales service. We provide one-year free after-sales service to our customers.
    Reasonable suggestions for customers. We will recommend the right machine model to our customers according to their required output, plant size, budget, and other comprehensive factors.