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With the continuous development of society, people use industrial wood pallet shredders to process more and more wood waste in the city. In general, this waste wood is not only very troublesome to deal with, but also the treatment effect is very unsatisfactory. However, the emergence of comprehensive wood crushers can effectively solve these waste wood processing difficult problems.

Advantages of using an industrial wood pallet shredder to treat waste wood

  1. The waste wood can be reasonably recycled through the crushing process, the green, low-carbon conservation, and waste utilization of the environmental protection concept.
  2. Industrial wood pallet shredder for the recycling of waste wood, not only to solve the problem of waste wood pile processing. At the same time also saves wood resources. Because this waste wood after processing by the industrial wood pallet shredder can be used in many industries to replace the logs for manufacturing.
  3. The use of an industrial wood pallet shredder to some degree alleviates the problem of wood resource tension. At the same time also changed the transmission of one-way wood consumption of the production mode, and embarked on the development of a circular economy model.
Industrial wood pallet shredder
Industrial Wood Pallet Shredder

What are the waste woods?

Branches, branches, trunks, blocks, boards, chips, scraps, edges, boards, waste wood, used wooden furniture, wooden pallets, wooden brackets, bamboo, corn cobs, corn stalks, straw, and so on. All of these can be processed by the wood crusher and then be reasonably recycled.

The use of non-wood after comprehensive crusher processing

The uses of waste wood after processing by wood crusher are also very wide. Most of the wood chips are used to make organic mulch to be spread around green plants. This not only looks green and beautiful but also avoids the evaporation of water from the soil around the greenery. In addition, organic fertilizer can also be made by using this material to ferment.

Industrial wood shredder
Industrial Wood Shredder