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Good news! Yesterday the customer bought a hammer wood crusher from us! In addition to this, there are double shaft shredders and conveyor belts. These machines together can perfectly solve the customer’s needs! You are welcome to consult us anytime!

Why did the customer buy the hammer wood crusher?

Our customer is an end user who wants to use the hammer wood crusher to make horse nest material. As an independent producer, they are looking for small batch production to fulfill their personal use needs.

Raw materials to be processed by the customer

The customer’s raw materials include waste wood boards, wooden pallets, and boards with glue and metal. They want to process this waste wood into wood chips to fulfill the needs of making horse nests. The customer wanted to be able to process 1500 kilograms of raw material per hour.

The customer wanted finished wood chips

Hammer mill wood crusher solution-by Shuliy

According to the customer’s need to process the waste wood with nails into wood chips, we recommend the double shaft shredder, conveyor, metal remover, and hammer mill.


  1. Rough processing: first use the shredder to process the boards into smaller pieces of wood.
  1. Transportation plus nail removal: the wood chips are transported to the shredder through the conveyor belt. During transportation by conveyor belt, the metal remover will absorb the metal in the boards.
  2. Crush wood: Hammer blade wood pulverizer will crush the wood.

Why choose our wood sawdust hammer mill crusher?

  1. Perfect solution. It’s because our solution perfectly matches their production needs. We recommend the most suitable equipment solution according to customers’ needs.
  2. High quality. Customers compared with other factory’s equipment in the process of communicating with us. Our hammer wood crusher is of high quality and the price is always supported by our customers.