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On December 13, the customer purchased an SL-WC600 portable wood shaving machine from us. The output of this type of wood shaving machine is 300-500kg per hour. We also have a wood shaving machine for animal bedding with a larger output. The shavings produced by the wood-shaving mill can be used for bedding animals, making boards, growing bases, etc.

What is the motivation of customers to buy a portable wood shaving machine?

The client has a wood processing factory and recently needs a portable wood shaving machine that can make shavings. And the finished shavings are used to make a nest for horses.

What points that customers pay attention to in the communication process?

  1. Whether the thickness of shavings can be adjusted. Yes, it is possible to make shavings of different thicknesses by adjusting the angle of the blade.
  2. Can the power of the portable wood shaving machine be a diesel engine? Yes, sure.
  3. Can the machine have wheels? Of course, we can customize the wood planer with wheels for customers.
  4. Need more blades. One shaving mill has 3 sets of blades, and customers can buy extra blades.
Wood shaving machine
Wood Shaving Machine

Payment and shipping of wood shaving mill

The client has an agent in China, and their agent helps pay. After we receive the payment, we will directly ask the customer to confirm the machine because it is in stock. Then start packing the wooden box. After everything is finished, start to transport the machine to the customer’s agent.

Why do customers choose our wood shaving making machine?

  1. Our disk wood shaving machine is affordable. We are a manufacturer of wood machinery, mass production, lower prices, but high quality.
  2. There are many models of wood shaving machines, which can meet the output needs of customers.
  3. Our services are comprehensive. We have professional machine knowledge to answer customers’ doubts. Recommend suitable machines to customers and support customization. The machine will be confirmed by the customer at the same time before packaging and after transportation.
  4. One year after-sales service.
Wood shaving making machine
Wood Shaving Machine